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We don’t normally repost episodes from the numerous #skatepods out there, but this one with Jereme Rogers and Andy Roy was too much of a magnificent car crash to just pass along.

It’s no secret that we’re longtime fans of Jereme. He was the first skater we ever interviewed for the site and his parts in PJLWHL and Yeah Right! were on repeat throughout the Jenkem team’s collective childhoods. For better or worse, his infamous sack was also seared into our brains.

As most already know, Jereme left sponsored skateboarding to dedicate himself to rapping, “freeing” his mind, and conducting various business ventures, mostly non-skate related.

A semi-recent and very funny Instagram feud with Nyjah put him back in the spotlight momentarily, suggesting he may have finally gone full kook mode. But Andy Roy, a questionable character in his own right, was able to get Jereme to sit down long enough to explain as well as he could what he’s been up to ever since his exit from the industry.

To save you a lot of time (and mental health) we made a handy timestamped guide below to keep your mind from imploding.


2:00 — KOTR, getting booed by his teammates, and butt-chugging a beer
8:40 — Blocking a guy who wants to kill him over a debt + selling “boxes” of weed
10:45 — Starting a weed brand called “switch”
14:45Fondu, his new band with Danny Way
15:50 — Working on one last video part
17:05 — Potential trick list for new video part
21:00 — P-Rod and other business partners for his ventures
28:00 – Hanging with Jason Dill + The Osbournes and beef with AVE
31:00 – Jereme’s version of the Nyjah beef
40:00 – Moving back in with his mom briefly
42:00 – Jereme’s ego death on mushrooms
51:30 – Making 66K a month from skating
53:00 – Music charity program
58:00 – Who his favorite rappers are
59:30 – Jereme’s gun
1:04:00 – Jereme’s raps

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  1. dear friend

    July 19, 2020 7:20 am

    petty he has past in the few weeks

  2. hot studios

    February 2, 2023 9:59 pm

    need this back

  3. Chris Gentry CEO Kingsom Skateboards

    March 9, 2023 9:20 am

    Let’s just call it a bipolar diagnosis and have some compassion for the kid. Having your mental health on full display, even by choice is not easy.

    • Jik Jikkles

      May 31, 2023 12:38 am

      Facts. No compassion even if your not a fan of the person be the bigger one and leave it at that. No time for anything other love and happiness.

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