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“I wanna do Michael Jackson epic with my music,” Jereme Rogers tells me triumphantly. Looking past the 1000’s of Youtube dislikes and occasional hateful tweets from 14-year-olds, Jereme explains, “I try to teach. I try to tell you guys how to do this. People don’t really listen. I don’t fear human opinion, everything benefits me.” Jereme Rogers, skateboarding’s premiere reality TV show continues to push harder for 2011 with sights set on a clothing line, a full music production company and Rihanna.

If you haven’t been following last year’s tabloids, he retired and made a music video, unretired and released this, started his own skateboarding brand and since then hes been pumpin out “freestyle” videos with Tupac recording fury.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he buys his own Neverland Ranch to make music and live with other selfish kids, because with Jereme Rogers, anything is possible.

What hate do you see or hear about yourself on a daily basis?
I see that stuff, but the only things I hear about me is great things because that’s all that I tell myself. At this point in my life I don’t have a doubtful side or a side that puts myself down from time to time. All that I hear about myself is great things because I’m the one that’s speaking to myself more than anyone. Most people are just saying something over the internet. So what I see about me is probably more what you would be interested in. As for that stuff I see about me, I enjoy it deeply.

Have you really had sex with “1000 bitches”?
I don’t know the exact number to be honest I can’t really keep count at that point. I have quite the rap sheet. I’ve been traveling the world since 14 years old, 14 I went to Japan for the first time. The ladies and me just work well…. We just have a good… We just have a understanding.

You like those Asian bitches?
Uhhh. Any woman can be beautiful, Asians not my tastebuds but any woman, any race.

What about Magnums?
I don’t tell any lies in music. I don’t write my music. I don’t sit down and write it. I just listen to the beat and sit on it over and over and let the song come to me. And then I do it. I don’t write stuff down it comes from another place, from above and below. It’s a correlation. I have no interest in controlling it. I just make music. It comes from pieces of me. I don’t lie about anything. If I say this is what size condom I wear, that’s what size condom I wear. If I say this is how many bitches I fucked, that’s the ballpark figure. If I say I spent this much on jewelry, then believe me I did.

Isn’t it hard to stay positive when some of your videos like this have 151 likes and 1,417 dislikes ? Does that not affect you?
If affects me… but.. it affects me positively. I enjoy it. People make videos about my videos. That’s awesome. Thank you. Secondly it just entertains me. Through the decency of being a good human and being humane, I show thanks when people say good things and it truly doesn’t mean anything different to me then a negative comment. They both are someone else’s opinion- thought. That person has a life story, they have passion, pain, different things inside them. They might have a Mom, they might have a Dad, they might not have either. All this building up to this point before they project this thought upon me. So I don’t take it anywhere really. Ok I heard it- I appreciate it. When someone tells me I’m the greatest, I say thank you, I do appreciate it. But it doesn’t change that I already feel like I’m the greatest. It doesn’t change that feeling. Whether they tell me that or not I still feel that way on a daily basis. So when someone tells me something bad, just as the good comments, it just doesn’t pass the front door.


You think people forget that you killed it on a skateboard?
I mean they would like to but the skating… you can’t take nothing from that. The skating is like, I killed it at that shit. There were only a handful of people in the world that skated as well as I did in their whole career. A couple of handful’s. That’s just undeniable that’s all on video. That stuff is on paper. Doesn’t really matter. Music is something that is still debatable. Until I put all the stuff on paper and prove hands down that I can be one of the best at that, people can still debate but skating they can hate me but they can’t say anything about my skateboarding.

Do you really think you can be the best rapper?
I have no interest in that. Being the best at rapping is a great feat and excellent for many but I have my eyes on something much bigger. I have to be the best at music in general. As a whole. I wanna be the best artist, I don’t care about being the best rapper. I wanna be the best artist. I wanna do Michael Jackson epic with my music. That’s it. It’s not best rapper. That’s pretty cool tho. I don’t even care to be a rapper at all I’m already an artist. I do a lot more then a rapper does. I arrange whole songs.

”Britney Spears can get my time for a song or a conversation. But not in the bedroom. She can’t have me there.”

You think rapping is gonna get you more pussy then skateboarding?
Yeah, skateboarding was just a stepping stone. It was just a start.

Sorry, music.

Music… Music.
I make music. And what I am going to do on a major level involving the whole masses is going to be music. And in things with skateboarding I’m always gonna be on stage with shoelace for my belt. I love skating but I never have to reprove my abilities on a skateboard. I don’t owe skateboarding anything. Any video parts, anything. I have a whole archive on that. God bless the new guys. They can have their time.

New guys? I heard you wanted to pick up Forrest Edwards for Selfish.
I don’t know exactly where that stemmed from. From what I heard he wanted to ride for us and I saw some footage of him and thought he was good – he is a good skater. We never made him an offer. I don’t know where that came from. We had a rep that got fired he was talking some different things. But that’s irrelevant. I make the offers. I made the offer to Wenning. No offer ever got made to Forrest. Not that he’s not worth it, but there was no communication between me and this character.

You said you were chillin with Rihanna?
I didn’t chill with her. I like her. Shes one of my picks, one of the women, I would like to spend some time with along my journey.

She’s a goal?
She deserves to be on my goal list. When I do what I do with this music I’ll be in a position where anyone will be in arms reach.

You’d rather fuck her than Britney?
Britney Spears can get my time for a song or a conversation. But not in the bedroom. She can’t have me there.

How come the Japanese love you so much.
They just like me. We are doing very well over there. We shipped to Japan before a lot of places, our international sales have been strongest. I think it’s really like..

They’re more selfish.
No, they take quality over, over original popularity. 100% hard rock Canadian maple is the best wood. Everyone uses China and Mexico now. Internationally they would rather have what’s better.

What do you want to be remembered by?
I guess so many things. I wanna be felt more then I want to be remembered. That’s what I want. Yeah. I would rather be felt then remembered. Remembered is just a thought. You think about me, you feel something- you feel good, you feel inspired. I wanna be a free spirit too. I want people to feel me the way people feel Tupac. I need to be felt.

You want to be felt?

Not on a physical level. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally felt.

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Interview: James Lee
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  1. max

    March 3, 2011 5:20 pm

    Yer killin it with this interview and the site man, keep it up!

  2. Jereme Rogers

    March 3, 2011 8:18 pm

    Yo this interview is the shit finally something that shows me in the light I truly am..I’m the brightest.
    Methodical son my shits the tightest.
    Why would I skate rails bust my balls hit my sack oh!
    When I could be chilling with my bitches singing songs like Jacko!
    Youtube rating buried deeper than a miner.
    I don’t care cause the woman just get finer!

    Peace one Love

    • Lee

      March 4, 2011 8:19 am

      Í met you when you a long time ago and you were a cool kid, staying with Carroll, I still think your a cool dude but honestly your delusional, your music has no substance because you have nothing to rap about, I mean I respect your ambition but why don´t you rap about something thats real at least?, Magnums? Fucking girls? Jewelry?
      Any dirtbag can have a big dick, everyone fucks girls and you´ve been robbed for your jewels a handful of times, ever rap about that?. I always backed your skating, your light years ahead of me but your not anything special, you wont be remembered with the greats,those handful of great skaters your talking about, your not in that circle.I understand you know you blew it and your trying to save face, trying to play Mr. Confident, but what you really should do is get back on your board and shut the fuck up, your a disgrace to hip hop, and you think you are up there with Tupac and MJ? Your out of your mind……..Lee Smith.

      • robo-slop

        March 4, 2011 2:55 pm

        f–k yes..Lee just nailed.and Lee is an OG.
        Shut the fuck up dude.
        Im from Boston, grew up skating here late 90’s, and your are a disgrace to us.
        Robbie Gangemi and Pat Noonan should come give you a wedgie and kick your infantile ass.

      • Bridgetown Bearings™

        March 7, 2011 2:39 pm

        “I skate therefore I am.” ~1985

    • Vandamn

      March 4, 2011 3:04 pm

      This guy is not Jereme… HE NEVER COMMENTS ON ANY BLOGS

    • DTC

      March 6, 2011 4:00 am

      Wow…. You must be out of your mind! You say this interview puts you into a good light, really? It makes you come across like a pathological lair and some what insane. Come on Jereme, be honest, do you have a meth addiction? You sure as come across like some one who does. Seriously dude, save face now and let us all know this is some kind of Joaquin Phoniex trick or that you have a drug problem. Be humble and drop the act and get back on a board. Concentrate on something you’re good at cause rapping (if you can call it that) is certainly not one of your talents, that and telling the truth.

      Good luck dude, YOU NEED IT.

    • peter

      October 9, 2011 3:52 pm

      your a fucking dick head

  3. G-Code

    March 3, 2011 8:48 pm

    This dude is Charlie Sheen level crazy…

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