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We know we just put out ~3,500 words on Stefan Janoski, but we wanted to hit you with one more *shorter* post for non-readers and lazy folk.

We know, recommendation columns are pretty much a dead, beaten horse right now. Every single day, media outlets, legit celebrities, and fake internet celebrities are recommending new crap, trying to sneak shit by you when it’s really just Branded Content™.

All that junk makes it that much harder to cut through the noise and find stuff that people would sincerely recommend for people to consume/buy/stare at for hours on end.

So we decided to beat the dead horse just a little more and asked Stefan to put together a list of five things that he enjoys (1 skate video part, 1 TV show, 1 movie, 1 book, 1 album).

Check them out if you’re so inclined or go straight to plugging your homie’s CBD brand in the comments.


Rick Howard, Virtual Reality, skating to Rick James, “Give it to me baby.” It goes so fucking perfect with Rick Howard’s style and he’s got such a personality in the part. It’s the best music video for that song and Rick James never even knew about it.

Mike Carroll’s part is really my favorite, but I was talking about Rick’s part with someone the other day so it came to mind. We were talking about going to Ross and trying to buy cheap plaid shirts to dress like Rick Howard ‘cause he looks cool.

Carroll was the guy who I watched and tried to learn all the tricks he did. But I remember Rick Howard was this top tier guy. The part was like [listening to] a song by one of your favorite singers, just watching something that was so amazing. You could still watch it today and enjoy it.

That was the first video I ever saw, Virtual Reality. It came out in ‘93, I got that video and 411VM #1 on the same day. Those were the first two skate videos I ever saw.

Skate video parts are so hard to choose and write about. That’s why I chose a few because I couldn’t decide:

Dylan Rieder, dylan.
Heath Kirchart, Sight Unseen
Austyn Gillette, Radiant Cure
Marc Johnson, Pretty Sweet


I think “Drag Race” is a show championing creativity and individuality.

To me, drag queens are one of the greatest examples of courage, positive thinking, confidence, self-esteem, humor, and awareness to do what they want despite preconceived notions and traditional afflictions that society imposes.

Using “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent,” the show entertains while teaching the message: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else?”

Can I get an amen up in here!

MOVIE – Schizopolis

Sometimes I sit around and watch movie previews on iTunes. I came across this movie once while doing that and I’ve watched it over and over again ‘cause I was like, “What in the fuck?!” It’s just fun and entertaining and weird.

The intro to the movie, [director] Steven Soderbergh gets up and goes, “You are about to watch the best movie you have ever seen, and if you don’t understand it, that is not the fault of the movie. That’s your fault and you should go back and watch the movie again.”

It kind of has a loose plot but really it’s just a mix of scenes. There’s a scene with a wife and husband. The husband comes home and instead of going like, “Honey, I’m home” he goes, “Generic greeting!” and she goes, “Generic response! Question concerning sustenance?”

I recommend the movie to anyone, but I do not know what it’s about. Steven Soderbergh has made some of the most famous movies, and he stars in it, so it just makes him the most interesting guy to me. It seems like it was made by some trippy surrealist, fuckin’ avant-garde guy, but it was made by one of the most well-known directors.


The first novel in a three-book series written by David Wong, who’s also the main character of the book. I think this book is funny, I’d call it a horror-comedy.

The story follows two friends, Dave and John, who live in the town of UNDISCLOSED, where constantly strange and unexplainable events occur. While each situation and conflict they get into throughout the book is hilarious and absurd, every bizarre situation could easily be used as a traditional psychological thought experiment.

I also recommend the next two books in the series, This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It and What The Hell Did I Just Read.

ALBUM – “Nilsson Schmilsson” (HARRY NILSSON)

The type of music [Nilsson] sings can be like orchestral with beautiful singing, and I would have never guessed I would really be into that of music, but now I really love it. Once you really start liking someone you just like everything they put out, but this is one of his best albums.

He’s a really good songwriter. He’s really clever, like Randy Newman. He sings these beautiful songs, but sometimes he adds really funny stuff into a beautiful song, like singing the word ‘crap.’

I wanna see people skate to that song, “Gotta Get Up.” It’s about a guy who’s gotta get home because tomorrow he’s got a big day, and I just thought that would be funny for a skate film.

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  1. Brad Stabya

    July 27, 2019 10:57 pm


  2. Xplode$$$

    July 29, 2019 3:13 am

    Im sorry that MJ part…. guess thats why they call him MJ.

  3. dan from germany

    August 1, 2019 4:27 am

    Stefan! “Gotta get up” was used in a skate video, seattle’s all city showdown. Forget which year, think it was the first one they did, 2006 or 07. Was at the premiere and was also hyped to hear it haha.

  4. Sk8geek

    August 9, 2019 7:00 am

    That Nilsson song is the truth! Had a similar idea about that one. We wanna see a Stefan part to it!

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