April 15, 2019/ / MIX SERIES/ Comments: 5

photo: ian ostrowski

We asked Kader to send over a mix of whatever he’s currently listening to, but because he’s a teenager, his tastes have probably changed by the time you hear this. So consider this the “what Kader listened to last month” mix.

A selection of older west and east coast hip-hop, with some reggae, young trap, and one random Irish punk song thrown in. Kinda random, but but way better than the mindless Spotify playlists taking over your music taste in adulthood.

If you’re feeling it, download this mix here while you can, then send it to your nephew to try to make him think you’re cool.

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  1. Milo

    April 25, 2019 2:54 pm

    best one yet

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