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Some things never get old: poop jokes, dick drawings, Mcdonalds (literally)… so when we randomly ran into an Instagram account of crazy Thrasher parody covers, we just had to find out more about the perverted mind behind these outrageous drawings.

Turns out that Jeff, like all the best psychos, is actually a pretty nice guy with a weird doodling compulsion. With the Olympics coming up soon and mainstream skateboarding becoming increasingly calculated and watered down, his sort of ’90s-inspired comic-idiocy is getting harder and harder to come by. Which is exactly why we had to share his uncomfortable images with you all, before the social media robots and algorithms flag this for being too shocking or explicit.

What’s with your obsession with shit and piss?
[laughs] It goes in waves. I wouldn’t say it’s an obsession [laughs]. I do some sensitive comics or some nice things but then I’ll get bored of that and just wanna do some fucked up drawings when I’m working. Just to be an idiot and make my friends laugh basically.

You get beat up as a kid or something?
[laughs] I had a good childhood, my parents are actually really nice. And they would probably hate to see some of that stuff. My mom especially, she knows I draw nasty shit and a lot of times she turns the other cheek. She always asks me why I can’t draw something nice once in a while. I really don’t have an answer. It’s just not as funny I guess. It’s hard to be nice and funny.

Most of that stuff I just draw while I’m at work, and do it real quick in an hour or two. I work at a group home for people with mental disabilities during the day. It’s just some shit I do on the side.

Damn. Good man.
I actually get a lot of inspiration from that job. The people are so nuts, it’s a hilarious job.

Do you share your art with them?
I do. I’ll be sitting there drawing dick rails and stuff while we both listen to the radio. They’ll be sitting across from me. I show them and most of the time they really don’t give a shit. They are talking about, “It’s time to get soda now.” They just have a one-track mind. I think they really don’t give a shit. I could draw a drawing of their parents getting murdered by me and it would just go over their head.

What do you do at the group home? What do you like about working there?
You pretty much just cook meals, pass meds and clean stuff and you have a lot of time on your own to draw and stuff. I come home feeling good about what I did and I get to hang out with some of the funniest people you will ever meet. I get out of a 14-hour shift and I still am inspired to draw, so it works for me. I’m also in school for X-Ray tech. I think working at a hospital would be a good transition and moving to a big city.

Do you find it hard to make this style of cartoons these days when the climate is so sensitive?
Uhm. I don’t think so. There’s so much crazy shit on the internet. It’s almost like hard to find something that hasn’t been done before. I thought I was the only lunatic that likes to draw dicks and pee, but there’s like millions of them. Overall, it’s gotta be funny. It doesn’t matter if it’s super duper offensive, as long as it’s funny. Funny first.

Who are your inspirations? What led you down this path?
Johnny Ryan for sure. He’s the dude who kind of changed my view on everything. I was growing up drawing comics and stuff but didn’t really know what angle to take. Not that my comics are really like that, but he was the one who pushes shit the furthest and is the funniest. A lot of his stuff is topical, but in a really funny, smart way.

What’s the inspiration behind the Poop Rail on your Thrasher Cover?
I was thinking, what else can I make a rail out of besides a dick? I was thinking like a doo-doo rail, but I’d have to explain it’s really cold out outside. I was gonna make an Eskimo grinding it but I was like, whatever man, it’s hard shit. Sometimes you have hard shit that is pretty easy to grind. That would be a good graphic I think: Eskimo with the ice house in the background, maybe fishing with the icy doo-doo rail. I think that would be a really good one.

There’s another cover of Andrew Reynolds skating his own dick. What’s up with that.
Yeah, it’s his dick, out of his shorts. I had to change his wardrobe a bit, but if you step on your own dick it slides pretty well.

It also seems like he’s cumming?
He’s getting close. That’s precum.

Have you gotten any attention from pros or the skate industry at all?
I tag some of these skaters and sometimes I specifically choose skaters, like the Jason Dill Centipede one, that I think might be down or cool enough to use it for something. But I never got a response from any pro skater as of yet. I tag Big Brother and a bunch of others. I figure If I tag as many skaters as possible on Instagram, one of them has gotta pick it up.

Why do you think guys are so obsessed with drawing dicks?
Guys? You don’t think girls draw dicks?
Actually, they probably don’t…

I think there’s way more guys drawing dicks than girls. And I don’t see girls scribbling vaginas as often as we draw dicks.
I have no idea. Sometimes I think about that scene in Superbad when what’s his face is drawing dicks all the time and he gets caught. I think about my childhood too. It’s not like I just started drawing fucked up shit. I started in 4th grade at sleepovers and stuff.

Were you the flasher kid who’d show everyone his dick too? Everyone knew one of those kids.
Oh no, that’s not me. I’m actually a pretty shy guy when it comes to showing my dick to people.

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  1. Dona Ana Kid

    February 1, 2019 3:48 pm

    I like the one of Tim Allen giving Wilson a bump. Classy stuff

  2. Davoud

    February 1, 2019 4:42 pm

    More or less derivative of Porous Walker, although It’s unlikely his work would be considered original either.

  3. roger_fedeira

    February 2, 2019 5:01 am

    From my observation. Girls draw vaginas all the time out of recently. They not into drawing dicks tho. Of course there are exceptions to the rule

  4. Edvard mug Runchers

    February 2, 2019 11:49 am

    open face ta-cos are actually not very aesthetically pleasing.
    schizoid-beatnik povs in need of some electro-shock therapy and a Mcjob benefits package.

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