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Last weekend was Florida’s fourth biggest drinking event of the year (next to Tampa Am, Tampa Pro, and 8th grade graduation). Held annually in Miami, Art Basel is an excuse for 20-year-olds and 50-year-olds to go somewhere warm, enjoy the latest contemporary “art,” and pretend that they aren’t doing a bunch of blow.

Looking for a break before winter sets in in the Northern Hemisphere, we teamed up with Miami-based Andrew skate shop to finagle a party at Art Basel.

The shindig was complete with:

• refined metal obstacles
• 3 DJs
• sketchy ass nutcrackers
• Skate lessons for all ages
• free drinks to dehydrate to (courtesy of House Beer & Redbull)
• and precisely one oversized jump ramp

Thanks to the boys at Andrew and everyone who came through/skated/threw up to make this weekend a warm, vague memory that we’ll cling to once temperatures drop to negative brick. And if you need a Jenky Block Party near you, send us some money and we’ll fax you our secret nutcracker recipe.*

* it’s just sugar + booze + more different booze

Hardflips used to be the worst “little kid” trick, but considering the button-mashing, mid-air combos kids are perfecting on Instagram today, a nice hardflip off a launch ramp feels downright quaint.

But seriously, this man was skating around like he was at a demo trying to get sponsored. We felt kinda bad no reps were there to hook him up, so we offered to put him on Jenkem flow. All Jenkem flow riders get one Insta “like” and can sleep outside our warehouse whenever they’re in New York.

Regardless of their age or level of cynicism, everyone felt a childlike sense of joy dragging around this launch ramp and watching people fly over just about every obstacle there. Launch ramps are so fun, if Street League held a Launch Ramp contest I might break down and even watch it.

Before skateboarding…

After skateboarding.

After hitting it big with their Dragon Ballz decks, Primitive is doubling down on the East Asian market. Meet Primitive’s newest rider: budget Daewon (frosted tips era).

Kinda funny how skating a jump ramp is OK but doing fly out tricks from a bowl is never OK. I guess with bowls there’s a missed opportunity to do something more worthwhile, while jump ramps naturally have zero potential.

Not sure if skateboarders ever reached an official verdict on whether alcohol improves your skating. Think 2 drinks is solid, unless you are Fred Gall, then there’s no performance enhancer better than a nice hit of crack.

I never understood why Floridians fucking love skating fire hydrants. They’re like the schoolyard lunch tables of Floridian skate obstacles, but no matter what you do over them you’ll get no recognition.

Come for the free beer, stay, uh, until they run out of free beer.

Big up juan love to everyone at Andrew, the only skate shop brave enough to name itself after a hurricane. We all know running a skate shop can be risky, but when the next devastating storm hits, these guys make a killing selling decks for people to board up their windows.

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  1. trifenyc88

    December 18, 2018 12:55 pm

    Andrew is up. Representing Miami dade hard

  2. Skeeter Bungus

    December 20, 2018 7:50 pm

    You aint from New York until you boof a nutcracker cap still on

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