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Why do we like the Street Urchins so much? They’re just a suburban crew that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is obsessed with early and mid 00s skateboarding. They put together these fun little edits that may not be the most groundbreaking NBD shit, but they’re down to cause some dorky mayhem in the process. You know, the little brainless things that make skateboarding fun in the first place.

For this episode, Urchins filmer Mike Breitmaier headed down to Florida and captured some backyard hick skating with the southern crew. Mike also collab’d with the clothing brand, Florida Daze on a shirt to accompany their video. They were inspired by the classic tourist Disney World shirts and spiced ’em up and flipped the design their own way. These are available now on the Street Urchins web shop and soon via the Florida Daze web shop and at Skate Park of Tampa.

Without further ado, we are hyped to present The Street Urchins, the Whitest Crew In Skateboarding™.


Mike Mag
Derick Glancy
Sam Bellipanni
Marse Farmer
Kevin Shealy
Michael Breitmaier
Tristan Mershon
Black Josh Wilson
Leo Banuelos
Josh Bowser
Wes Box

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  1. Chickenman

    September 19, 2017 8:32 am

    YAS!!!! This is the shit I love to skate and build day to day at Milksnake park and in mad weird gnar spots in the oddest areas. About 7 years ago I came upon a gnarly rain ditch outside of madison. Theres also a sick street spot in casselberry near my grandmas house.
    THRASH! Its a goldmind. Keep up wee urchinz!!! Valhallla awaits.

  2. Chickenfeed

    September 19, 2017 4:27 pm

    Steve Coogan just called🐗
    Paddyzzz on the dahhbzz dah
    Slantia! Svekas svkekada

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