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The thing that always bothered me about “Day In The Life” sections is that they always seemed so planned and scripted. Like the camera guy comes in and “wakes the skater up,” they visit a couple cool spots, “accidentally” bump into all their homies, crack a beer and fade to black.

So naturally (stupidly) for this segment, we did the total opposite and came in with almost no preparation. We figured we’d spend a couple of hours and hang out – whatever Alexis was feeling that day, we would do it with her, whether that’s grabbing a coffee, listening to music or holding her groceries.

Here’s just a small glimpse of time we spent with Alexis playing arcade games, meeting freak performers, and ranking the best bottled waters.

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  1. JB

    August 29, 2017 4:14 pm

    Big man cussin’ around the kid

  2. Kkhs

    August 29, 2017 6:13 pm

    Alexis is cool

  3. tig

    August 30, 2017 11:33 am

    ph below 7 = acidic
    ph above 7 = alkalyne/basic
    ph @ 7 = ideal (for consumption, hottubs, soil, etc.)

  4. Salad Grinds and Bean Plants

    August 30, 2017 4:07 pm

    No joke, Alexis is my hero.

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