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Jason Spivey is one of those refreshing guys who is cool with whatever you throw at him. Make a fart joke or ask him if his sister is hot and not only will he answer it, but he’ll run with it and has no qualms about playing along – A rare quality these days in serious big brand skateboarding with canned interview responses. Riding for Politic skateboards out of upstate NY, I called Jason up and harassed him for his first interview ever. If you haven’t seen his skating yet, above is his new part in Allen Danze’s video, Belly Of The Beast, online now for the first time ever. Check it out.

You just got back from a Phish concert. Are you a big hippie?
I don’t know. My brother and sister were always listening to them growing up and shit so I was just kind of introduced to them through that. I’ve been going to see them since they’ve been back together like the past 4 years or something. I just keep going.

Do you use deodorant?
No, I do not use deodorant.

For real, I don’t think I’ve used deodorant since I tried it in middle school or something like that.

Does it clog your pores or something?
I don’t know. I figure that’s just excess… excess stuff.

What about toothpaste.
I use that every 4 days or so.

No cavities?
[laughs] No man, I don’t know, I haven’t been to the dentist in a while. I’m kinda scared to go back. I use toothpaste every once in a while when I’m home, and I have a toothbrush… I don’t even remember. It’s alright. My hygiene kinda sucks I think.

Do you use toilet paper?
[laughs] Yeah, I use toilet paper, I used a rag the other day but I do use toilet paper when it’s around. I use it almost all the time, unless I’m getting in the shower.

jason may or may not have wiped before this feeble / photo: culley

jason may or may not have wiped before this feeble / photo: trevor culley

So when you get in the shower you go in without wiping at all?
Ya – I mean, that’s kinda more old school… I’ve kinda upped my game a little bit. That’s where I was for a little while, 15, 16, 17 year old days I’d just hop in afterwards, right into the shower for sure.

Some countries just use water and splash it up their ass. What do you think of that?
I’m pretty into that, I’m pretty into just using water to clean out everything. I feel like that’s the point of the shower, you know?

You should get a bidet.
Yeah that sounds pretty legit – I’ve never fucked with any of those things. I think I prefer to have a shower close by no matter what.

Right now you’re AM for Politic. Are you gonna go 100% for the skateboarding pro thing or do you have a fallback plan?
I love skating and what it provides to those who practice it. I’d like to take my skating as it comes and continue my evolution of self through skating. Skate or die 100 % of the time.

To be a professional skateboarder it helps if you are good at drinking for social events and such. How much beer can you drink without getting sick and throwing up?
I take pride in my ability to puke. I do it all of the time. You can find me in all places at the bar. My favorite is under the bar in one of the far corners. Or out in front of the bar. It’s all about releasing those demons.

”I love skating and what it provides to those who practice it.”

You used to ride for SHUT right?
Yeah I rode for SHUT for like 3 years, super good time. That showed me a lot man. It was like 2008 era, Shawn Powers was on there. Just to have that relationship with Rodney Smith, and be able to talk to him about shit, was crucial in every which way. He showed me a lot and helped me find a creative direction through skating, and experience and appreciate where skating on the east coast stemmed from. And what it stemmed from. And why it meant so much to everyone and why it still does for those who are involved with it. It gave me that foundation and allowed me to feed off of that and see what else I could do if I believed in it.

What’s the best and worst part about being from Baltimore?
Best: family, friends, a bitch who loves BOHTZ. The worst is a lack of a healthy skatepark and public pools that won’t let you swim.

Is it sketchy skating there?
I don’t know – I’ve been pretty lucky I think. We get a lot of love from locals. Sometimes we’ll just be skating the most hood of areas but then the next thing you know, someone will come along and pretty much give everyone in the crew waters, get us snowballs and shit. It’s kinda weird down here man. You end up getting a lot of love from local neighborhood people. There’s one spot in particular where a dude came over, shook our hands and was super stoked that we were all there. Not to say everyone is psyched but I’ve been lucky enough to not have gotten in too many situations.

Crazy. Why are people buying you stuff?
I don’t know man. Hospitality. I remember one time they were hanging and they smoked us up and let us chill. They watched us and were super psyched to be a part of what we were doing. They knew we weren’t doing anything wrong. Just trying to enjoy what’s there. It’s slow paced, people just come and kick it.

photo: alex reyes

photo: alex reyes

What was your last job? I heard you got fired from your friend Will.
I was washing dishes at a restaurant. Things were on the up and up but I was partying a little too hard on New Years Eve of this year. In what felt like phase four of my night, I ended up going to celebrate at what is now my old job. It was 4AM and someone ordered a shot of Rumple Minze. As we were preparing to call it a night, my girlfriend asks me to assist her with an apparent “clothing malfunction”. We just go to the bathroom and start fucking around and my manager eventually comes in and totally finds me pretty much naked in the bathroom. She didn’t know who was in there. She told me to come back in 2 weeks and pick up my last paycheck.

You file for unemployment?
I filed for unemployment, filled out all the paperwork online. I go through all of these questions and they set up an appointment to call me. It’s 8 in the morning, we go through all of this shit, then the last question is why did you get fired, and I just tell the lady on the phone I was late one too many times or something. The woman just kinda called out my entire situation and was like, “It says you were found naked in the bathroom and you got fired for gross misconduct.” And I was like, “Uhhh alright,” but she told me I could still continue to file for it. I was like yeah.. I don’t think you’ll be hearing from me again. And now I can’t really apply for it anymore, for not saying why I really got fired. Which was a total dumb move, looking back on it. Of fucking course. It’s honestly better in a way though. I’m working, I’m fully capable, I just figured I’d max my skate time, but if I can maintain work and maintain skateboarding then it’s cool.

Have you ever thought about getting into porno to make a quick buck?
Yeah for sure. Skate porn.

Skateboard Porno?
Yeah Skatetrixxx.

Oh shit you know that?
Yeah we had a Skatetrixx viewing party one time at Zach Lyon’s house. He has a VHS, I think he has other ones too.

Did you guys all Jerk off to it together?
Switch Stalefish.

I don’t know what that means.
Like Stalefish, behind the leg…

Oh ok. There’s one at Bam’s house too, with Kerry Getz and Brandon Novak. You should do a screening party for that. Kerry is kickflipping over people doing it on the ramps.
Sick. That’s Kerry’s shit. Super sick dude.

photo: trevor culley

photo: trevor culley

Do you have a hot sister?
My sister is dope as hell, I have 1 brother and 1 sister.

Yeah but I was asking if she was hot.
Oh, if she’s hot? Sure. She’s my sister.

Would you get bummed if I tried to date her?
Ah I don’t think so. I mean I’ve never met you but you seem like an alright dude.

Thanks man. Is she older or younger than you?
Like 30. She’s a teacher and stuff.


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