April 24, 2012/ / VIDEOS

So here’s the deal: The nice people over at Skatepark of Tampa run a series of contests called Damn Am, where hungry amateur skateboarders come to prove themselves. The top 2 finalists at all Damn Am events get an automatic spot in the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am, the big contest at the end of the year. The first stop took place in Atlanta, where our filmer buddy Mazza was there to catch all the action, as well as Redbull’s “Mind The Gap” contest where dudes were hucking themselves over a streetgap for best trick. He made a nice little montage of all the action as well as the extra beer drinking, blunt smoking, shotgunning, pizza chowing sessions.

Damn Am Atlanta Final Results: 1. Auby Taylor / 2. Dan Corrigan / 3. Yonnie Cruz
Redbull’s ‘Mind The Gap’ Results: 1. CJ Tambornino / 2. Robby Kirkland / 3. Liam McCabe

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