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The concept was simple: Send disposable cameras across the world to our favorite skateboarders, artists and musicians and see what the hell we got back. No rules and no Photoshop magic to hide behind.

Some cameras were returned in pieces, while others weren’t returned at all, and some got taken on vacations my Delta SkyMiles won’t cover for years.

After developing all the photos with our buddy Kevin Horn, we picked out the best pics from everyone’s rolls and threw a gallery show in NYC, showcasing everyone’s work to the public. This was the first time the participants even got to see their photos.

Printing is expensive as shit, and we teamed up with Huf and Monster Energy Ultra, to help bring this one to life. We’ll be posting everyone’s entire rolls for you to see soon too.

The event went down on Memorial Day weekend in New York’s Lower East Side, we brought back the tried and true method of throwing a party: Endless beer, loud music and a healthy dose of flash photography. All that’s left in our formula is a handful of shitty captions.

Check out every photo from the show HERE

Since we don’t get to see Lizzie often, it’s always fun to bet on what color her hair will be before she shows up. The odds on red were pretty high, but if you hit the parlay that she was also going to wear cheetah pants the money line was pretty good.

Jerome Peels is the only one powerful enough to bridge the skater-BMXer divide. Pro model CitiBike coming soon; property damage arrest warrant coming sooner.

You think Ishod’s family talks about his clips the way skaters do? “That’s my Ishod. There he goes back lipping a double kink. Just like I taught him.”

Meatball, in the middle, has one of the last good nicknames in the whole city. Kids nowadays are too soft to handle nicknames, thanks partly to adopting their Instagram handle to real life.

People keep wondering when skinny jeans are coming back. But the real question is who’s gonna make the first skate-friendly corset?

You think this modeling stuff is easy? You think standing in front of a camera is easy? You think holding a water bottle is easy? You think waking up every day and logging into Jenkem.com to invent new ways to misspell Carlisle is easy? Think again.

Our libel and slander attorney showed up to offer kudos. Just kidding, that’s bicycle extraordinaire Terry Barentsen who stopped by on his way to a wedding. Sorry you saw the entire Jenkem staff shirtless Terry, the setup came down to the wire and it was hot in there.

Justin Henry’s lady friend might have pulled an NBD showing up to the function in a wedding veil. Let us know the date, Justin! We’re happy to cater hot dogs for the reception if you want.

This was two out of eight Monster hard seltzer shotguns for Gus Bus. Number six got him lubed up enough to take a selfie with Ishod and number eight sparked an intimate affair with a garbage can.

Peace, love and ladies, huh Wes? I don’t want to ever hear that interns don’t know what they are doing, because Wes has it down to a science.

As is custom on Memorial Day Weekend, young and desperate Naval crews run around New York City looking for a slip to dock their ship and let some seamen loose.

Just kidding. This is actually the new Noah clothing team.

When a guy’s hair is long enough for a man bun, they call it a New Jersey Perm. Because it gets you permanently banned from everywhere except New Jersey.

It’s very rare to find our friend & videographer Greg Navarro without a camera in at least one hand, but even the most dedicated lensmen deserve a slice of cold pizza sometimes.

Chinatown Soccer Club was in the building! We thought about inviting Kang to the show too, but given he’s pushing 75 we figured he had better things to do. I guess we’ll have to suffice with CSC honchos Pep Kim and Gerhard Stochl.

Don’t even try to call yourself a New York bartender if you’re not wearing a white tank top and don’t have patchwork tattoos. Thanks Cam and Jesse, ya’ll crushed it.

Seeing Gabriel Fortunato in NYC tells me two things. One: the list of ABDs just got longer. Two: we might actually see some clips from King Skateboards.

If I were to tell you that starting a magazine based on poop jokes and Jereme Rogers rap career would land you taking photos like this one, would you believe me?

This photo of Matt Militano looks like the cover of every wedding party promoters website, but hey, if I got added to the Sci-Fi roster I’d be celebrating too.

In case you didn’t know, the best part about photo shows is that everything goes up for grabs at the end. Want a sexy Suciu on your wall? No prob! Want a thoughtful snapshot of two people mooning the camera? You got it! Want a healthcare system that doesn’t suck rat balls? Too bad.

It’s not an NYC party unless you’re smoking a cigarette outside next to piles of garbage full of discarded ramen noodles.

Considering we mailed out all the cameras in April, with a deadline of getting everything shot, developed, and hung up in a gallery in May, pulling off this event was another miracle for the books. By the bootstraps baby, cheers!

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