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Cunts, stand up! Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that, but whatever, I’m going to claim honorary Australian for the day.

Fresh off his latest clips in Carhartt WIPs “Precious” and from a comfortable position on a cozy Los Angeles couch, we bring you Riley Pavey, 2023 SLAM Australia’s Skater of the Year and AM for WKND skateboards.

I knew from Riley’s IG shitposting that he was down to clown, so I called him up to see what two terminally online 20 somethings could yap about. As it turns out, everything’s on the table. From tuxedo t-shirts to a Cory Kennedy cardboard cutout and talks of Raya Plus, we didn’t stop until every metaphorical plate was clean.

If you haven’t heard of this Aussie mate yet, you’re welcome, and if we lose any of you old heads in the process, just check urban dictionary. It’ll get you through.

Have you ever said “Sweet as” and someone thought you were complimenting their ass?
[laughs] I don’t think so, but I’ve definitely had people think I’m saying something completely different than what I’m actually saying. Nobody understands “You reckon.”

Are you a celebrity in Australia?
I’d like to think so, but no, I’m not a celebrity.

You won Australia’s Skater of the Year in 2023. Do you think if you were born in America you would have won SOTY by now?
Yeah, I reckon, for sure. I feel like SOTY in Australia is a lot harder to get because more people are gunning for it [laughs]. There were heaps of cunts in the running.

Did the win get you paid?
Yeah, I got paid for getting SOTY. The check was fat. I bought a gold chain. That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve done in my life, and I’ve done some pretty stupid shit. I didn’t bring the chain to America, I didn’t want to get robbed.

Did you know you are ranked 4,972nd out of 18,000 skaters on the Boardr’s global rankings?
Shit, that’s pretty good, out of 18,000. What’s that, damn near a quarter of the way up. I might have to send the Boardr an email.

How was competing in Street League for the first time?
Street League was sick. I felt like a UFC fighter. They had Miss Jessika doing massages and you could sit in this room with those big puffy massage legs. They had it all catered and you watch everybody’s runs from this TV in a room.

The crowd was massive. I didn’t think so many people gave a fuck about skating like that, but it was sold out. Street League Australia was sold out. There were so many cunts there. I feel like everyone was sort of nervous, or maybe competitive. I knew I had no chance, so I thought I might as well enjoy it, and I didn’t come last. I think there were 18 people in it and I came 14th or 15th. I was hyped.

Who’d you beat?
Bro, I beat Chima Ferguson. It was lit.

“Street League was sick. I felt like a UFC fighter.”

When did you start visiting the US?
The first time I went to America was right after I got on WKND, maybe a year ago. [Before that,] I went when I was twelve with my family to Disneyland.

What’s the most LA-type shit you’ve done so far?
I’ve done a lot of LA shit. I’ll sometimes go to these trap clubs where you can smoke weed inside and there are chicks shaking their ass and stuff. That’s pretty dope. I’ve only ever seen that in the movies.

What’s your drink of choice when you pull up to the clubs?
I like piña coladas [laughs]. To be honest, those places tax for drinks, so I usually put like ten shot bottles in my pocket and get water.

Are you new to smoking weed?
Yeah, I’m flow. I probably smoked with Nikolai [Piombo] and Tanner [Burzinski] first. They smoke more weed than normal air they breathe in. It’s crazy, but TBH I don’t really even smoke weed like that.

Was that the actual Workaholics house in the WKND Jit video?
Yeah, I found it on the internet and I was begging Grant [Yansura] to go. We got there and a full family was living in the house, so I knocked on the door like “This is going to sound crazy, but can I please have a look through.” The guy was super chill. He ended up liking skateboarding, so he told us to come back another time when his kids weren’t there so we could chill on the roof. He gave us a ladder and we went up there just drinking beers on the roof. He also had all the OG shit from the show.

You’re a self-proclaimed Yeat fan. Do you think Yeat would fuck with you?
Maybe the biggest Yeat fan, so fuck, I hope so. That would be devastating if he didn’t. I’m down to do percs with him or some crazy shit, like get on his level.

Tell me about your dad, you said in an interview you met Nas because of him?
My dad does lighting design for concerts, like he programs all the moving lights. His rap sheet for what he’s done is crazy. When I was younger I used to go to a lot of shows. I don’t anymore, but if I ever want to go to a show I can just text him and he’ll get me tickets. He got me tickets to Yeat. It was in San Diego like eight months ago.

So is Nas the most high-profile artist you’ve met?
I’ve met Kendrick Lamar. That’s pretty cool, but I didn’t know who he was at the time. I wasn’t into his music, so I didn’t give a fuck. To be honest, I still don’t give a fuck about his music.

Damn, that’s a hot take.
I know, some old head is gonna come bash me in the comments.

You got asked at 16 if you’re on Tinder and you said no. Now that you’re 22, are you on Tinder?
Mate, I’ve got them all [laughs]. I’m actually paying for Raya Plus. I swear the only reason I can have it is because one of the photos I put in was the James Charles photo, so I reckon they think I’m his homie or some shit. Every single match I get they are like “OMG, how do you know James?” so I try and avoid the question.

How did that James Charles photo come about?
That’s my brother for real. We’ve been through a lot of shit, like growing up in the trenches. Nah, I’m just playing. [laughs]

I met him at a party one day and I went up to him and I was like, “Hey sister, let me get a photo please!” This was in Australia, I think he was selling makeup. To be honest, I thought he wanted me while I was at that party. He wouldn’t stop staring at me the whole night.

How do you approach these girls? What’s your pickup line?
Fuck, I’m not revealing my secrets. One of them will see this and then I’ll be in trouble. I usually just say “Wow, I’ve got such a big crush on you.” and it’s kind of childish, so they think I’m super nice. Then they find out I’m sleeping on some cunts’ couch.

What’s the best city in Australia for skateboarding?
Melbourne to skate, but the best city in general is probably the Gold Coast where I’m from. It’s like a mini Florida. I live in a place called Miami, and there’s Palm Beach down the road.

So Australia is ripping Florida’s steeze?
Nah, I swear you cunts copied from us.

Are people hyped on WKND in Australia? It seems like Passport has it locked down over there.
Yeah, cunts love WKND. Passport is definitely the GOAT company in Australia though.

Did you ever want to skate for Passport?
I mean, Passport is sick as, I’ve loved it since I was a little kid, but I never got the offer. Shit’s tough out here.

I interviewed Sarah Meurle and she said you’re always bumping loud ass music in the van. What else do you do to piss off WKND’s older crew?
Bro, they’re just old as fuck [laughs]. Probably just all the talking, like every time I open my mouth. That’s something I need to work on, knowing when and when not to say things. That’s my issue.

Have you been punched in the face yet? That usually teaches you when to shut up.
Yeah, I’ve been punched in the face.

”That’s something I need to work on, knowing when and when not to say things.”

Tell me about being in WKND skits, how was it being a movie star?
Yeah, it was sick. I felt like I was a full on movie star. It took like two hours to do the prosthetic shit, and they got it catered with lunch throughout the day while we were filming. We were just doing takes, and they have the snap thing for scenes. I actually want to try and do some acting, it’s so fun, and that’s where the real bread is. Then I’ll be having my own house parties.

Is there anything you won’t do for one of Grant’s skits?
I’ll maybe do anything. Others wouldn’t.

You’d go nude for the camera?
Fuck yeah. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

WKND has a lot of AM and flow skaters. Are you worried you’re going to be AM forever?
Not the way these clips are coming, I’m not worried at all [laughs]. Nah, I’m joking, that would be pretty shit, but I’ve been trying my hardest. That’s the only thing you can do.

Do you ever rage out skating?
I don’t get angry in general. That’s pretty recent too. I feel like in the past few years I’ve just been so happy. I can’t think of anything to get angry about.

That’s cute.
Yeah, I know. I need to put that in my Hinge profile.

Have you got any adverse reactions in the US from saying cunt to people?
People trip at the start, but it’s too deep in my vocabulary to stop. It’s not a curse word at all in Australia.

So you could have said “What’s up cunt?” to your teacher?
Maybe the right teacher… Maybe a PE teacher.

Did you play sports growing up?
I used to play NRL. It’s rugby league. You wanna know what’s crazy? I used to get flowed Nike footy boots for rugby before I was on Nike SB.

Is rugby the biggest sport in Australia?
Yeah. It’s so crazy, all of my friends that play rugby league are on $500,000 salaries and I’m just like “Fuck, I chose the wrong sport.” They already have houses and shit.

Damn, so you’re going to pull up to your high school reunion and they’re going to think you flopped.
Maybe not, I’ll have the gold chain [laughs].

Where does your love of the tuxedo t-shirt come from?
I just found one in an op shop one day and it wasn’t even the graphic that was so good, the shirt just fit so good and the material was good, so it ended up being my favorite shirt.

Wait, what’d you say, op shop?
Oh, yeah, you guys call it a thrift store. Op stands for opportunity. That’s what we do out here in Australia, we inspire. But yeah, the shirt fit so good I wore it all the time.

“That’s what we do out here in Australia, we inspire.”

You seem to be into cringe fashion, huh?
Yeah, I feel like I’ve got a pretty wide variety of drip. I actually just bought Chrome Heart jeans last night off Etsy.

What’s up with that clip of you skating True Religion skinny jeans?
That’s just swag, bro. I was on my swag shit for the day. Skating in skinny jeans, I’ve never skated so good in my life. I swear to god. I’m like, fuck, this is why these guys like Nyjah are so good.

Do you think baggy clothes have gone too far?
Maybe. I see people on Instagram that are standing on their jeans. That makes me feel weird. I hate how all the shit that’s outside is being brought into your house. The bottom of their pants are like black. It’s fucked.

What’s your daily screen time?
Let’s look at it now… Bro, that’s crazy. It’s so hectic. [sends it to me, it’s 11 plus hours].

Do you think you’re terminally online?
I try not to be. Sometimes, or like every few weeks, I’ll delete the Instagram app off my phone. I’ll re-download it if I need to post.

Someone told me Pretty Sweet was your first video, who had your favorite part?
To be honest, Cory Kennedy still has my favorite part ever. He’s my favorite skater too. Dude, do you want to know a crazy ass story? So at this skate shop, when the Cory Kennedy shoe came out, they had this big cutout of him, like human size, and I took it home. I’ve had it in my house ever since, it’s next to our window.

Then one time our house was getting broken into, some people were looking through the windows to see what they could steal. The windows are super tinted, so when they looked in the Cory Kennedy thing was there, and they thought it was a real person, so they sprinted away.

Cory Kennedy saved our house.

Is it true you went viral on TikTok?
Yeah, I’ve done that a few times. It’s light work. I had a Carhartt jacket and I made a video on like “Ways to make it look vintage,” like a brand new jacket making it vintage. It was a complete joke, but people thought I was being real. I got comments like “Get a job, pussy” and all this shit. I kept making videos about making new clothes look vintage without having a real job.

Do you think TikTok will ever be a platform for skating?
Ehhhhhhhh, I don’t know. Maybe not for me. I’m more for watching pranks and stuff. I lowkey want to start making prank videos. It’s so fun to me, like I’d have so much more fun doing that than trying a trick.

Is there a trick you have never been able to do?
Nah, I could probably do every trick [laughs]. I reckon I could even switch backside 360 kickflip if I wanted to.

No chance.
I could, cunt. I’ll do it today. Oh, I can’t really nollie front heel. I’ll learn that today too.

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