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It’s wild to think that skating has grown so much that people are moving to places other than California to make it in the industry. That’s exactly what Tania Cruz did, hopping across the Atlantic to Spain to pursue her dream in Barcelona.

Despite being thousands of miles from the “epicenter” of skating, she’s since gotten on some notable brands like Foundation and Vans. We gotta say, that approach sounds a lot more pleasant than competing with literally thousands of other hungry Ams and unsponsored hopefuls to get tricks at the same recycled spots in the LA area.

If I was a rookie today, I’d much rather live in a place where everyone eats tasty bite-sized snacks with a couple of crisp beers for lunch (and then takes little naps after) rather than living off Del Taco and Modelos.

Anyway, what was I supposed to talk about here? Oh yeah, a mix curated by Tania. Here it is. Listen to it, watch her Foundation part, download the mix here, and then get to learning Catalan on Duolingo.

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  1. itsyourbeautynotyourbooty

    June 7, 2023 11:47 am

    Mad crush on this one.

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