May 11, 2023/ / MIX SERIES/ Comments: 11

Like some sort of elusive cheetah, Antonio Durao seems to do his own thing and keep to himself, until striking out of nowhere. His recent switch-tre noseblunt cover caught us all off guard and you never know when you’ll see a couple of guest tricks of his in a homie video. It’s refreshing to see such a talented skater be down to dick around and it also doesn’t hurt when you can trust them if they ask for the aux-cord… That’s still a thing, right? Connect to the bluetooth, whatever, we just hope that the ODB track got you as juiced as it got us.

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  1. Qamari Starks

    May 28, 2023 2:10 am

    Zumiez will help you out, but your money will go out of your state and out of your skate community.

    Spending money on local businesses tends to keep that money in your community and mostly into the pockets of the actual people here who are helping you and can promote skateboarding locally. Tends to be slightly more expensive tho.

    Either is fine, it’s really no big deal. Some people just prefer that you support your local scene.

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