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You know when someone asks you what you’ve been up to and you just respond, “Keepin’ busy!” because the bar bathroom isn’t the best place to go into all the exciting details of your new ventures? Well, we’ve been keepin’ busy, but now that the weekend is over we can finally tell you about one of the things we’ve been up to on the low. We’re proud to announce we launched a new show with NTS Radio.

For those who might not know, NTS is a (*v trendy*) online radio station based in London. They stream hour-long musical shows across a bunch of genres 24/7, all available for free to anyone who’s curious. NTS’s roster of guest DJs is heavy, featuring shows by Skepta, Jamie XX, Harmony Korine, and Thurston Moore, and we’re honored to be a part of the team.

But this ain’t your normal skate-soundtrack inspired show. In true Jenkem fashion, we’re skipping known skate-staples like Slayer and Black Sabbath, and instead hit up Adrian Michna (the Jenkem founder’s older bro/electronic musician extraordinaire signed to Ghostly Intl.) and friends to help us curate shows subsisting of sounds you probably haven’t heard and never will hear in a skate video.

We’re five episodes deep now, and feel like most of y’all will at least like one of the episodes. The music selections span the disco, funk, house, drum & bass and techno genres, and each episode comes with a healthy dose of stupid banter from the people who come in and out of the office on the daily.

So, while we figure out who to hit up for Jenkem Mix #100, you can tune in to the Jenkem office vibes wherever you may find yourself. Let us know who you’d like to see guest DJ for upcoming shows in the comments (unless it’s Slayer).

Happy listening!


Genres: Drum & Bass, Beats, Trip Hop
For our first show our founder curated a mix of Drum & Bass, Lofi House, Beats and Chill Out tracks that were on loop for the first couple of years working on the magazine. Includes a premiere of “Nothing Crazy” by AceMoma a track on our EP on Jenkem Recordings. Yes, we put out records if you haven’t been following.

EPISODE 2 w/ AceMoMa

Genres: Drum & Bass, Jungle
We bring in the two skaters behind the record we just put out on Jenkem Recordings “The AceMoMa EP” for a special guest mix and bullshit with the Jenkem office crew about Nyjah Huston, skate video soundtracks and Kanye West’s (attempted) ollie.

EPISODE 3 w/ Fit Of Body

Genres: House, Electro, RnB
Fit of Body is a skater out of Atlanta who makes soulful house ballads mixed with old school Detroit techno, jazz, and southern rap. He’s a pretty big skate nerd (in the good way) and has songs named after iconic shit like 56k and Black Box No Cops (a skate spot in ATL). Just so you know, Black Box is a cop free zone, you cannot be kicked out, hence the title.

EPISODE 4 w/ Logan Takahashi

Genres: Techno, Ambient
Skater and Musician Logan Takahashi is 1/2 of group Teengirl Fantasy and releases his own music via Ghostly International. We met him at Maria Hernandez park, near the Jenkem office in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Nice quiet guy with a taste for more dreamy electronic music. Gotta always promote the humble heads, way too many braggers thanks to social media.

EPISODE 5 w/ Rory Milanes

Genres: Funk, Disco, Indie
We bring in guest Rory Milanes, one of the OG skaters from the Palace squad. Living in London, he throws a regular party called Ditch Party, so check that out if you’re a loc (short for local yo). Originally we found out about him via recommendation of Heitor De Silva who claimed Rory took him to his first rave.

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  1. Barry Bongs

    October 8, 2019 2:38 am


  2. neko

    October 9, 2019 2:45 am

    it’s Black BLOCKS. they are blocks, and they are black. 🙄

  3. douglasFIR

    October 10, 2019 12:29 pm

    16 armed jack, you might appreciate those sounds as well if these are michnas vibes. look em up!

  4. Neil Nice

    October 16, 2019 8:04 am

    Cool! Has Hensley done a Jenkem Mix yet? If not. would be super rad to get him to do one for episode 100.

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