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Business folk are quick to tell you how difficult it is to keep a restaurant open. Restaurants operate at a hefty loss in the beginning, they need constant maintenance and cleaning, and there’s always unsatisfied customers who would love nothing more than to shut down your whole operation. If you’re gonna get into the biz, make sure you actually love it.

That’s why we were surprised to hear Tyshawn Jones was opening his own restaurant up in The Bronx, right in the neighborhood where he grew up.

Taste So Good (Make You Wanna Smack Your Mama)—which takes its name from an old hood proverb—is Tyshawn’s new Caribbean-American spot in the Soundview neighborhood in The Bronx, located at 1752 Lafayette Ave. (Near the St. Lawrence Ave. 6 train station.)

We made the trip up from Bushwick on its opening day and were pleased to discover the menu was hefty, with something for everyone. It was so busy they ran out of take-out menus before we got there, and the employees had to save a couple to tape up on the walls so people could still order.

Taste So Good has that familiar feel of an NYC Chinese take-out spot. But rather than just ordering up some lo mein, here you can grab the spicy jerked chicken, collard greens, oxtail, peas and rice, mac ‘n cheese, and anything else that comes to mind when you hear “Carribean-American.”

Bench seating along the street-facing windows lets you lurk like a local, or you can stare through the kitchen-facing window at trays of sumptuous chicken and stews as you ponder what else to add to your order.

A medium plate (1 entrée + 2 sides, $12) is a filling lunch or dinner, and with two dozen dishes you won’t run out of options. Lunch specials for $7.50 are a satisfying choice, and fried chicken and waffle combos (w/ plain or red velvet waffles) are the ideal treat.

From the short time we spent there, we know TJ’s restaurant will become a neighborhood staple. Everyone from old grannies to young dudes rocking chains (who even asked if we could shoot a music video for them) stopped by. Bill Strobeck came to congratulate TJ and got the chef to make him a special vegan plate.

If you’re ever in The BX, make sure to swing by Taste So Good (but don’t smack your mom).

lunch special: jerk chicken, mac ‘n cheese, rice & peas

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  1. captaincheddar

    September 28, 2018 1:52 pm

    that jerk chicken looks so fuck good omg

  2. Politely

    September 28, 2018 10:24 pm

    Yes, hello. I’m here for the Mama smacking?

  3. Jesse/Chickenman

    September 30, 2018 10:45 am

    In case you haven’t read my rants about this and that over the past two years, I am chicken man, I built my my own small park alone, I have been skating 20 plus years, working on 1991 yada yada .STFU! Chickenbean. Ok, see thing is Jenkem is a great place for aging gnar skaters to rant and rave till the sheets are soaked with the tears of Molly ringwald and morrisey. But check it, yo. 1995 hackers staring Angelina Jolie set. Whoops, Basquiaut called he wants to dance in the witches den too with Joe Rogan.
    I agree with JP, this is all Jenkem PR in Jenkem mumble rap hangeron era in NYC.
    Face it NYC you lost the cultural war of radness this summer. It’s the blue collar diy slayer backwoods crews with a landslide
    Stop reporting on yourselves constantly please and thank you.
    Open your eyes people the dumbies are talking over!
    Trip out trip out
    All of this was seen by a on old psychic lady who shall remain unnamed in 1994.
    Good night good luck.
    1991 skates, Fall /Winter
    See you in the witches den while Windand plays softly into the ear of Rappaport
    Love and praise to all my ladies in the know
    Go Pats!

  4. LeonSlavage

    October 10, 2018 3:49 pm

    This will be the first restaurant I check out. Better have beef patties in that bitch.

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