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Welcome to Jenkem Labs—our newest video segment where we investigate skateboarding’s biggest mysteries and do other fucked up shit, too.

Our ADD brains are constantly pondering the dumb and not so dumb skate-related questions that we believe need to be answered — like if a weighted vest can help you ollie higher, what’s the science behind renegading beers, and just how many ways are there to focus a board — so we created this show to find the answers.

For our first experiment, Dr. Noot and his lab assistant CK set out to determine once and for all which bearings are the fastest. We looked at seven of the most common brands and found out the quickest, the best value, and the biggest ripoff. Watch the vid (or zoom in on the first photo below) to find out our groundbreaking results!

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  1. Skeeter Bungus

    August 12, 2018 11:14 pm

    My super hot GF has a bearing in her drilldo that spins the fastest, faster than swiss bones idc

  2. Imunfo

    August 18, 2018 12:39 pm

    Was this supposed to be funny? Have fun with ur blow up doll.

  3. Blotto

    August 20, 2018 10:27 pm

    you just buy bones swiss or reds. Done. I have bones swiss currently running fast in 10+ y/o setups.

  4. Pedro 29"

    October 15, 2018 4:41 pm

    Mini logo is the best !!! The fastest and most durable. you are mistaken

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