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We’ve talked about Big Brother to death already so I’ll shut up and cut to the chase: There’s a new documentary directed by Pat O’Dell aka Mr. Epicly Later’d about the infamous magazine, and it’s coming out in June on Hulu, of all places. Why Hulu? I have no fucking idea. Why now? Who cares. The doc’s got boatloads of never before seen footage as well as interviews with everyone you’d want. They held the world premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival in NYC (suck it Cali!) and we were there to watch it and fan out on skateboarding’s original instigators and funny men.

Rick Kosick, Dave Carnie and Chris Nieratko. Chris has mentioned in the past that he had an abusive father growing up, so now with his own kids, he’s the complete opposite and seems like the best dad ever. One of the many examples: He’s gotten several of his kids’ scribblings tattooed on him – squint really hard to read the “No Big Deal” forearm tattoo in classic 1st grader font.

Marc Razo of Max Fish fame and Dimitry Elyashkevich. Dimitry [to the right] was originally a filmer for Big Brother but made some small cameo appearances in Jackass years later. Maybe my favorite Jackass skit ever is where he acts like a clueless Russian and bothers a hick auto repair shop – basically like Borat before Borat. “Give me gas, give me one pound gas.”

A while ago I was bored and figured I’d look up the heritage of “Fuck”. It’s kind of universally known as the “worst” word in the dictionary, yet what the hell does it really mean? And what human got to decide that this “fuck” word would be so bad? Turns out, fuck comes from Germanic roots, where the root meaning is more like “to strike” or in some languages, variations like fokken meant “to copulate” (science class lingo for having sex).

Jess Margera and Raab Himself!! If you aren’t familiar, Raab Himself is the infamous “shitting guy” in the CKY videos, also known for looking like a bizarro Matt Damon in his earlier years and saying stuff like a retard. Jess is the drummer for CKY. P.S. Sorry your eye kinda looks fucked here Jess, it was the only photo we had of you.

In this blurry photo we have Winston Tseng , former art wiz behind Enjoi, and currently helping us with some Jenkem related stuff. To the right we have none other than Marc McKee, the man behind almost all of your favorite 90s skateboard graphics, including Flameboy and Wet Willy.

Lacey Baker and friends. I don’t know her well enough, and too tired and lazy to write some weird caption about her, so that’s all you get for this one.

Ever wonder how fame and fortune changed Steve-O during his drunken heyday? If you watch The Early Years he hid a secret monologue at the end of it, talking about how he felt after he “made it”. It was pretty incredible scrolling through the first time and randomly finding this little easter egg. Here’s a direct link to it. Not sure how many people ever knew about it.

If you didn’t know who Jeff Tremaine was and just saw the dude wearing this polkadot blazer and an Antihero T-shirt, you’d probably think he was someone’s kooky dad. Well, he is a dad, but also the dark man behind Jackass and Big Brother. If you enjoy either of those things, then there’s nothing left to do but kiss this guy’s shoes and ignore his prepubescent hairstyle.

On the elevator ride leaving the premiere, we bumped into a bunch of random MILFS who looked at us curiously with our boards and bags as they walked in. Drunkenly, one blurted out, “What movie are you guys here to see?” We looked at each other and sheepishly said under our breath, “Some skate one… called DUMB”. They looked confused for a minute and all glanced at each other before one yelled, “Oh!! The Steve-O Movie!” LOL!

On the way out, we also bumped into the Hawkman – which is all you can ask for in life. He’s definitely a top choice guy to bump into. It’s so awesome to see how plugged into skating he is these days, constantly at skate events, joining forces with Baker Boys and nerding out on skaters on his Instagram. Yea Tony!

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  1. Small Room

    May 3, 2017 5:22 pm

    My sources tell me the film had trouble securing a theatrical release because it contained no Cheazy-E interview footage

  2. Uncle Wizard

    May 8, 2017 3:24 pm

    Wanted to check the rest of the pics but couldn’t get past Cliver’s Danzig shirt. Legendary.

  3. jb

    June 3, 2017 10:56 pm

    uncle wizard…thanks. i had to take another look at cliver’s danzig shirt. yup, it’s everything i hoped it would be. good eye brotha!! haha.

  4. Murf

    June 4, 2017 4:53 pm

    Dave Carnie is a legend.

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