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Our friends over at Quartersnacks once called Antonio Durao a “superhuman entity of productivity,” and Transworld went so far as to call him “already a legend in New York”. Lets not take it too far, but yes, the dude is fucking talented. That was back in 2014, when Tony was just 17 years old. Now a legal adult with all the responsibilities that entails (really just keeping yourself out of big-boy jail), Tony is still grinding in his home state of New York and proving that with age comes power. This is just a small glimpse of his potential – a fresh stack of clips that landed in our inbox that was too good not to share with the world. Currently getting hooked up by Girl, Supreme, Nike SB and a bunch of other solid brands, I truly believe that Antonio can be the “next big thing” if he decides he wants to take that path.

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  1. natureboyz

    March 20, 2015 4:45 pm

    Dope part!

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