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Whether you’re a billionaire or a bum, if you’ve got a skateboard at a skatepark then there’s an unwritten code of etiquette you’re expected to abide. One of those rules is that you shouldn’t do the same trick that someone else is trying on the same obstacle – especially if he’s a stranger and is still learning. But when this video of Justin Bieber getting shown up by a Venice Beach local went viral, it brought a lot of these rules into question. Is it ok to snake a dude’s trick if that dude looks like a tatted-up Ellen DeGeneres? Is it ok to celebrate a kickflip by ripping your shirt off and grabbing your crotch? We caught up with the red-shirted homie that showed up Justin Bieber to find out how it went down.

What was going on that day? How did Justin Bieber end up skating the park?
That day Bieber and David Hasselhoff were doing a commercial, and they had the car from Knight Rider, Kitt, near the skatepark and everyone was checking it out. We chilled there for a second, but it got kinda boring, so we went to the park. We skated around for like 45 minutes until we saw that all these people are staring in one direction, and it’s Justin Bieber skateboarding.

A lot of people were just hating on him too. You know how most people feel about Bieber, douchebag this, douchebag that. He was doing a couple of tricks – kickflip, 360 flip – and I thought I’d give him some tips. So I came up to him and just said, “lean back more. It’s like 75% on your back foot, and 25% on your front foot.” He tried it, and I did it right behind him. When TMZ recorded it though, it looked like I was trying to take him out, but actually I was just skating with him and giving him some tips. It’s all about skateboarding when it comes down to it, regardless of what he’s doing on his own time, celebrity status or whatever. I was trying to motivate him with the 360 flip and almost ran into him. It made it look like I was trying to take him out or something [laughs].

The Biebs demonstrating a proper kickflip airwalk in the bottom of the bowl at Venice Beach.

Bieber getting some serious air

C’mon though, when you land you got that huge grin. You were definitely trying to one up him…
[Laughs] My buddy and I were in Venice, and we medicate and stuff like that, and we were doing a little drinking before. I was buzzed at the time, and I have a smile on me at all times anyway. We’ll do it a lot, stop by the bar and then go skate. It’s not the safest thing in the world, but it’s pretty fun for us.

So you weren’t just showing him up, like people thought?
No, no. That’s what we call snake and dubbing. A snake is someone who is all around the park not looking out for anyone and just snaking people. A dub is just dubbing someones trick, like, doing the same trick they are doing. But with Bieber and I, I was just showing him how to do it. The way it looks on film is different. And then someone edited the music to it… I can’t stop watching it.

Did Bieber say anything back when people were giving him shit?
No, he kinda shrugs it off like he was expecting it. Kids would shoot little one liners at him as he was skating, like, “Why are you such a tool?” And everyone would start laughing. Stupid shit. “Why are you grabbing your nuts? Do you think you are black?” You could tell it was getting to him a bit.

He was holding his nuts a lot, right?
Yeah, every time he would walk back to his board his hands would be on his junk like, “I’m too tough.” That’s unnecessary.

So you don’t hold your hands over your junk?
No, no… [laughs]… I mean, yeah, when I’m taking a piss!

Did he have mad security?
Yeah, you could tell there were like 3-5 guys around the rim of the park, taking tabs on the situation with glasses and ear pieces around with their arms crossed. You could definitely tell them out. Pretty heavy set guys.

”It looked like he had his nuts on one side and pocket change on the other”

Do you get the feeling that he genuinely loves skateboarding or he does it more for a PR type of thing?
Hmmm, I think it’s 50/50. I think it plays in his favor in terms of PR because of things like Lil’ Wayne… like, he’s doing it cause he kinda wants to skate and also to get a media buzz.

You getting mad chicks now with your newfound fame?
Oh, especially at work (P.F. Chang’s) with these girls that are obsessed with Bieber. These fine, grown-ass women that are in love with him want to know all the ins-and-outs and everything that happened. And a lot of skater kids on the streets come up to me and are like, “Oh, you’re the kid who took out Bieber!” Everywhere I go in Long Beach, it’s pretty hilarious. The shit got a lot of views.

Do you think Bieber was adjusting his junk because he has a big dick and it was interfering with his 360 flips?
Not with those tight-ass pants on. It looked like he had his nuts on one side and pocket change on the other [laughs].

Do you think you could do a 360 flip with a full boner?
If I had a full on boner the last thing I would want to do is pick up my skateboard and do a 360 flip.

Thanks for the info man!
For sure, man. Anytime. If you are ever in Long Beach down at P.F. Chang’s ask for Jonathan and I will take care of you!

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