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photo: van styles

photo: van styles

For Jenkem Mix 02, we tracked down Anthony Pappalardo to write a list of his favorite tunes at the moment and mixed them into one streaming mp3. Quite the departure from Mix 01 with Riley Hawk, Anthony’s got a eclectic multi-genre mix, some will love, some will hate. Below is the original track list written on his typewriter, opting out of hand writing the list claiming, “I can’t write so hot.”


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  1. bruno

    March 4, 2014 6:46 pm

    isnt the last one Keefs?

  2. strobo lazer

    March 5, 2014 4:02 am

    I like the idea, too bad this playlist extremely sucks.

    • johnson's johnson

      March 5, 2014 10:03 pm

      totally agree.
      I’m hoping this list finds at least one person who can dig it… bowie is the only song I thought was any good

  3. strobo lazer

    March 5, 2014 4:04 am

    Ok, the David Bowie track “heroes” is one of his best and a trully amazing song. The rest i don’t dig.

  4. Magetrøbbel

    March 6, 2014 2:32 am

    This jenkem mix-concept is great. Even had me download the soundcloud app. Keep ’em coming. Cant wait for more.

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