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I got so hyped on the first couple of minutes of this video that I knew we had to premiere it. This one comes all the way from Stuttgart, Germany where the YAllA crew is keepin’ it weird. Filmed from January to September of 2013, the video mixes in plenty of nostalgic visuals, social commentary and funny ideas to keep it moving. Along with VHS filming & lofi feel, a nod to Palace’s aesthetic no doubt, it feels like a new 90s skate mixtape. Now online for the first time ever, we’re happy to premiere MEDIA OVERLOAD.

Filmed & Edited by Christian Pelz & Ante Ljubicic
Featuring: Erik Müller, Alex Klein, Angelo Kaiser, Christian Pelz, Ante Ljubicic, Wolfgang Wolle, Mark Metzner, Robin Wulf, Paul Kobert.

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