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Last week this video went viral, originally titled “Cop Car Runs Over Skateboarder…. intentionally” which shows a cop ramming into a skateboarder and then speeding off. After Tony Hawk tweeted it, the video blew up and websites like World Star Hip Hop and NBC covered the story, garnering 700,000 views over the first 6 days.

The video got a lot of attention because it seemed like the cop purposely hit the kid and immediately sped off, although that’s not the entire story. The cop actually got out of the car, asked if the kid needed medical assistance and got his info, all of which is cut out of the edited version of the video that went viral. To investigate further we got in touch with the crew that shot the video and they sent us the full unedited version (above) for a better picture of how it really went down.


Alright so let’s get the story straight, this wasn’t intentional or staged right? What happened?
Haha, no it was not staged, even though according to the YouTube comments it was…. We were skating a spot on the corner of Laurel and Franklin street in Richmond, VA at VCU. Our dude Murph was trying a trick and Tim was watching for cars on the sidewalk, it’s a busy street and you can’t see traffic rolling up to the spot. Anyways Max saw this state trooper start to make an illegal ass U-turn so he started filming it cause it was pretty funny. Next thing we knew the trooper gunned it into Tim, sending him flying on to the hood of his car then onto the ground. Tim didn’t get hurt and managed to hold onto the bagel he was eating when he got hit.

The cop was a young dude and seemed pretty nervous. He probably wasn’t to hyped on the fact that the first thing Max said to him was, “poliiicee brruuutallliittyyy!!!! INBREDS THE SHIT!” haha. So after things settled a bit he told Tim to meet him in the alley, so we followed. They got his information and talked to him for a bit but they never called an ambulance, even though Tim said he was fine we’re pretty sure they are still required to call one.

the cops getting his info, which was cut from the original edit

the cops getting his info, which was cut from the original edit

From the video released by the RIDE Channel it looks like it was a hit and run. Someone cut out the part where the cop asks if you are OK. Did you guys or RIDE edit the footage?
Ride edited the footage. We’re not sure if they cut it up to make it look like a hit and run or not, but we did see that Tony Hawk said that was intentional on his Instagram hahahaha. We thought that was pretty sick.

Did any lawyers or people approach you to try and get some money out of it? How much do you think you could have gotten?
Nah, we were never approached by anyone like that, and we really didn’t want to sue or anything like that. Tim wasn’t hurt at all and he’s a really good guy and wouldn’t want to try and fuck the cop over even though it was a huge mistake on the cop’s part. Who knows how much we would of made, but we all thought the whole thing was so funny, and was enough for us. Besides we have had nothing but good things happen because of this, so it would probably have turned nasty if he had taken the “sue the cops” approach on the whole thing. Besides, rules and shit exist because people get sue-happy, like helmets at skateparks.


What’s the best and worst part about this video going viral overnight?
Best parts has been getting a lot more attention to our full-length video we just came out with: “Unplanned Pregnancy” as well as the other videos on our YouTube channel: “DA INBREDBOYS”. The other best part is having the clip posted on worldstarhiphop.com and reading those comments, hahahaha. The worst part has been all of the paparazzi’s following us around, we can’t even have gay intercourse in public anymore without seeing it on the cover of every magazine the next day!

tim portrait by daniel ravenal / max  by brent o’donnell

the kids involved: tim portrait by daniel ravenal / max by brent o’donnell

You guys have gotten some heavy mentions on Twitter and Instagram like @DGKalis and @Tonyhawk, who else have you guys been in contact with as a result of this going viral overnight? Dyrdek hit you up for an episode of Ridiculousness yet?
Oh, it has been very heavy! Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day instagrammed Tim and getting to talk to Kalis on Instagram was really cool. Hopefully our favorite pro Gilbert Crockett sees it too! And nah, Dyrdek has not hit us up yet…but we did talk to the good folks at Alien Workshop about the whole incident. We’ve also been interviewed by multiple local new stations, three of which actually went on air and not just the internet. We tried to push INBRED in the story but they weren’t too hyped on the name of the video or crew but at least some of them put clips from Unplanned Pregnancy in the reports and a link to the video. But we’re more hyped on the cutty mentions like Jenkem though!

Well you guys are definitely on the internet skate map now, what’s next?
Haha, guess so! Well we will continue to release random videos and montages, we’re hoping to start working on another full length once the VX1000 gets repaired. You can check out our videos on YouTube under the channel “DA INBREDBOYS”. For other random Inbred updates you can follow us on instagram: @inbredboy and @timbred. Thanks for all the support, INBREDS THE SHIT!!!

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  1. Angelo

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    This is great, the kids didn’t intentionally stage it and are mature about it. Thanks Jenkem for another great article.

  2. Greg Road

    August 6, 2013 11:47 am

    Inbred’s the shit?

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