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tyler and his favorite pair of circa's

tyler and his favorite pair of circas

If you are a “hot sk8r” looking to make some quick cash selling your old dirty socks every couple of weeks, you’ve hit the jackpot. Tyler aka Gregg is a skate shoe fetishist, enjoying collecting and pleasuring himself to new and used skate shoes and socks worn and skated in.

In fact, he isn’t the only one – there’s a whole scene of people who are attracted to skateboard footwear specifically, with the Osiris D3 being one of the most popular models. Usually this type of shoe fetish is most common among gay men, and it can manifest itself in different ways, such as Worship (licking someone’s sneakers), Sniffing, Stomping (Crushing objects or food with shoes), Trampling (the dominant partner stands on the submissive partner) or Feeding (the submissive eats food from the soles of the dominant’s sneakers).

Tyler here also runs his own subscription based skate shoe / sock fetish website for members like himself to get off to pics and videos of skaters with long white tube socks and puffy hightop skate shoes. We hit him up and asked him how it all started and what he enjoys most about it.

Does the act of skateboarding turn you on? Is that why you are turned on by skate shoes?
Not so much the actual skateboarding but more the type of people that I have known that skateboard. The kind of cocky, badass type guys.

What are your favorite new shoes?
Lately I like any high top skate shoes that are like DC or Osiris.

I got some good old skate shoes, with ollie holes and stuff, would you like that?
Yeah, well actually, if I get used shoes the only way I’m interested is if I think the skater that wore them is hot. You could send me a picture of the person and I could tell you if I’d be interested in their shoes. I’m actually looking for someone who would sell me their dirty socks regularly, like every week or two. In the California area, preferably someone I could actually meet with in person.


So for a straight guy it’s kinda comparable to sniffing women’s panties or something?
Yeah exactly. There have been people who when they heard about my fetish were like, “oh I’ll sell you my socks!!” And they were people that I would never want to be anywhere near their feet. Even though the fetish is skate shoes and socks they have to be worn by people who I think are hot.

Where do you think the fetish stems from? Were you physically abused when you were younger?
No – I’ve had people ask me that before so I was wondering if you would ask that too. I’m really close with my parents, I was never abused or beat or anything like that. The only thing I can think of that maybe formed it was that I was kind of a nerdy kid and I always felt like the cool guys were all skaters. There were a few times in middle school and even high school where skater guys would come up to me and shove their socks in my face and stuff like that. I never got hurt or beat up but they would do things just to irritate me, like walk up and drop their socks on my head. And when I was kid I didn’t like it, but as years went by I actually started liking it. That is the only thing I can connect it with. The people I’ve talked to who enjoy it have similar circumstances to me. They were basically kinda nerdy, there would be some cool skater guys that would tease them or something, and now they want to be close to a skater guy and also be humiliated by them.

“I’m actually looking for someone who will sell me their dirty socks regularly”

Are you interested in other forms of BDSM?
Just skate shoes and socks. A lot of the people that join my site that I’ve emailed with, most of them have a much broader interest like they are into all types of S&M and different things like that, but I’m not. I’m literally only interested a very specific type of person and just being humiliated with shoes and socks.

It seems like from your site, a jockish California type skater is your ideal?
Yeah. My favorite are guys that wear long white tube socks.

What about black socks?
Black ones are OK for me. My all time favorite is long white tube socks pulled right up to their knees. The really old ones are from the 70’s with the stripes on them. Those are OK but solid white are the best.

screenshots from tyler's website (dirtysocks.com)

screenshots from tyler’s website (dirtysocks.com)

What type of stuff is on your shoe / sock fetish site?
For most of the videos, I will pay a skater guy who is gonna make me smell his socks, and I might say like, “please don’t make me do that sir.” And then he might say, “you better smell them faggot,” or something like that. That’s kind of the way most of the videos go.

There seems to be a big German fanbase for skate shoe fetishes.
Ya, I’d say so – it seems like a fairly big percentage of people that go to my site are from Germany.

Why does everyone love the Osiris D3 shoe so much?
I don’t know actually. It was more popular years ago. You don’t even see them anymore really. Just the look of them, they had a lot of padding, were really big and very noticeable.

Would you say most members of your site are straight or bi, or gay?
It’s a big mix actually. I used to assume most of them were gay, but I’ve emailed quite a few of them. And more than I thought – there are a number of them that are actually straight guys that are married and have wives or girlfriends but they have a fetish for humiliation. That’s kind of where I fit in. I’m not really interested in anything sexual with the skater guy, it’s just being dominated and humiliated. Told to get down and kiss shoes or smell socks. That’s all it is for me, I’m not interested in anything sexual with the people.

How many members have you had over the years?
It’s hard to tell, hundreds of members.. maybe thousands?

dvs - so hot right now

dvs – so hot right now

Do you pleasure yourself to the skate shoes at all?
Yeah, I would definitely do that.

What about stomping and squishing food and objects with your skate shoes?
I’ve seen some other websites that have that, but it really doesn’t do anything for me. My website is really specific, it’s basically just the stuff I like.

Do you ejaculate on your shoes?
I don’t ejaculate on them… I usually do it in a clean sock and then wash the sock after. I never cum on socks or shoes that I have gotten from other people.

What do you imagine when you do it?
If I have a photo of the guy I look at it while I smell his sock or skate shoes and I imagine him threatening to beat me up or forcing me to smell the sock or shoes and intimidating me.

Tell me about when the socks smell the best?
I think it depends on the person. Definitely worn, definitely dirty.. I don’t want it to be like a homeless person. It’s got to be somebody who’s generally a clean person that wore them for a day or two skateboarding or something.

If you are a skater in the California area and looking to make some quick cash selling your old socks, email [email protected] or if you are interested in his website check out dirtysocks.com (Not safe for work)

Words: James Lee
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    July 8, 2013 4:40 pm

    the D3 finally has a home

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    July 8, 2013 10:30 pm

    The fuck…

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    July 9, 2013 4:56 am

    lordy lordy lordy. You should hit up Danny Way.

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