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photo by: Zach Baker

Let’s play a game. Act like you have no idea who this interview is with and we’ll give you three hints to try and figure it out. He’s got a mean heelflip, many people know him by his Instagram handle, Shithed, and his first name is plural.

It’s Coles Bailey, man. Coles skates with a spastic, fluid, borderline bussup steeze that is both impressive and puzzling. The mustache-clad, forever smiling 21-year-old is a ground level building block of the Homies Network and Star Team, two companies synonymous with New York’s East Village and the culture creation pit that is Tompkins Square Park.

He’s a fresh face on Alltimers and has filmed some of his best footage in the recent Bronztimers tour vid and double part with Stafhon Boca. Enjoy Coles first interview on the world wide web, where we talk baseball, spray paint, and dog shit, and look out for more AM interviews in the future.

Why is your first name plural?
My actual first name is Radcliff. My grandfather and my father’s name is also Radcliff though, so every time we were all in the same household no one could say Radcliff without all three of us looking or going over to them. They nicknamed me Coles because my grandma’s last name is Cole.

So you are Radcliff Coles Bailey?
Yeah, that’s my full name.

Alright Radcliff. Fuck, marry, kill: Tompkins, Blue Park, LES?
I don’t even go to Blue, so you can kill that off rip. I’m going to marry LES because that place just got it. You can’t skate a bump to rail or 5 rail at Tompkins, but Tompkins has a vibe so I’d fuck Tompkins.

photo by: Zach Baker

One time I stepped in dog shit at Tompkins and it ruined my day. How would you handle that situation?
Honestly, I’d get a stick and go to the nearest fountain, because nobody drinks out of those fountains anyway.

Makes sense. I don’t think I’d trust the water out of any fountain in NYC either.
I mean, some of them are chill [laughs]. I’ll drink out of the LES fountain lowkey.

I’ve heard horror stories about the Tompkins public bathroom. Have you ever used it?
Bruh, I’ve never stepped foot in there. As long as I’ve been going to Tompkins I don’t even know what it looks like in there. It’s actually crazy. Maybe I’ll go in there if they ever redo it.

What makes a good East Village bar?
I actually don’t drink at all. When I was younger I had an incident, and I have to take medication now for epilepsy. I got really sick a couple of times from drinking, so it’s not the best thing for me anymore. I’ll still go to bars with friends and shit, so usually the best thing is an outdoor space where you can smoke weed.

Do you have a go to Karaoke song?
Nah, I don’t do karaoke [laughs]. My roommate tries to make me do it with him, but I’m too shy. He’s always trying to make me sing this song Candy by Cameo. The songs kind of fire honestly.

Do you remember the first pro skater you saw IRL?
It was probably Sage Elsesser, like one of the first times I went to Tompkins. I remember him doing ollies over trash cans and thinking “Damn, I want to do that too.” Ever since I saw him do that it became a goal for me, so I would always try and find little curbed banks and try and ollie over cans. Lowkey I would commit days to that shit.

Do you remember when Cherry came out and were you influenced by it?
When that video came out I was definitely hyped on some other shit like Supra or King of The Road. I did not have any concept of Supreme yet. My first board in New York was an Enjoi board. I was so out of the loop.

What else were you into at that time?
I think my first board was a DGK board. I’m originally from Atlanta, but I moved to New York when I was eight or nine. In Atlanta there was a DGK skate shop. They had a full ass mini ramp in the back of it, and I remember one of my first times skating was trying to learn kick turns on that shit.

At what age did the mustache start growing?
Dude, like sixth grade or something.

You got a small upper lip or something?
Maybe [laughs].

What was it like going to school in New York?
It was crazy as fuck, I’m not even gonna lie. High school was lawless. We didn’t really learn shit. It was just a way to keep kids within one building. Even if you went to class, the teacher was never going to get their point across. The kids were so damn ignorant [laughs].

photo by: Zach Baker

I saw on your IG a photo that credits you as a skateboarder/baseball player. When did you give up baseball?
I gave up baseball when I moved to New York, like lowkey the day I moved here baseball was done. I used to play catcher and second base, and I played for so long. Probably five years or something like that.

Could you still hold your own on the diamond?
Honestly, nah. That shit is scary. They pitch like 90mph.

I love that intro skit you filmed with Stafhon for Timers. How was that?
It was mad goofy. It’s funny eating on camera, and it was definitely hard trying not to burst out laughing. It took like ten or eleven takes. I would be the worst actor if we were trying to make a movie.

If you had to do it again, what food would you want in front of you?
Damn, probably Soldier Jerk. It’s this restaurant that does jerk chicken, rice and peas, rasta pasta, that kind of shit. It’s fire.

How often do you wash your jeans? I know they are dragging.
I never wash my pants. Lowkey I’ll rock jeans and step on them and shit, and when they’re to the point of “I can’t rock these things anymore,” I toss them. Levi’s blue jeans are so easy to come by though, you can just rock them then toss them.

Where do you find your Famous Stars and Straps tees and shit like that?
I fucking love that type of shit. I only wear black shirts, so I’ll literally look at every single black t-shirt in the thrift and make sure I leave the thrift store with at least one stupid ass tee. I’m lowkey starting a collection of them.

Ok, last fit question. What’s the deal with spray painting your shoes black?
I hate looking down at shoes with hella colors. I get distracted. On some real shit, if I’m not wearing skate shoes I’ll be rocking Doc Martens or something. I’m not about to rock some sneakers or some shit like that. I don’t want anything flashy. Even with Vans, I’ll only rock Sk8 hi’s and Chukka lows.

What was your first big time sponsor?
I’d say Labor Skate shop or Hotel Blue. Nick Vonn used to give me stuff when I was younger but he would never put me in the videos. The first footage I really had was the Lurk NYC videos. Alltimers came about through Zach Baker, right after Frog dropped Kyota [Umeki] and we both left.

Yeah, what happened at Frog?
They just kicked Kyota off for whatever reason, and it didn’t make any sense. I wasn’t trying to ride for that shit alone. Kyota’s my homie, and he’s the one that got me on the company. What does that look like if I stayed on?

Are there any hard feelings there?
No, we’re all cool. I love Chris Milic to death.

I recently rewatched the Ipod video. Where’d that idea come from?
The idea came from Kyota and his IPod. He just loved the quality of that shit, and he wanted everyone to have a part so everyone got super down. There’s a new one that is supposed to drop super soon. He has a long lens and fisheye for the IPod [laughs]. We got some good stuff.

Are you still hyped on New York?
Nah, I feel like I’ve skated a lot of shit, especially in the Lower East Side and around Wall Street. I’ve done a lot of it, and since I’ve been skating out of town I’ve realized how much fun it is to go to a spot you’ve always wanted to skate and spend your whole day there trying to get a clip instead of forcing that shit in in a short amount of time in a crowded city. I will always love skating around in New York though.

photo by: Wilson Lucas

Have you ever done a triple heel flip?
No, but I’ve definitely tried before.

Are there any illegal tricks in your book?
I would say no bonelesses, no grabs, no no complies. Those tricks are valid if it’s on transition. No complies are kind of not a trick.

For a second I thought you were just reading the rules of the Berrics.
It lowkey did sound like that [laughs]. Hand plants are valid though, because you’re holding your own weight.

Have you heard about the Drake and Kendrick beef?
Have you heard about that Diddy shit? Fuck the Kendrick beef, the Diddy shit is crazy. He was basically molesting a bunch of younger rappers and giving them careers. It’s fucked up. There’s mad videos of him acting sus around people, and there’s mad Diddy lyrics where he’s saying fucked up shit.

Sounds like that Nickelodeon shit.
I never watched Nickelodeon, I was a Cartoon Network kid.

Oh, yeah, that’s what all the cool kids say.
On god [laughs]. I was fucking with Courage the Cowardly Dog so hard. I also watched hella Ben 10.

photo by: Daniel Weiss

I imagine you deal with a lot of NYU douches around the East Village. What’s the most NYU type shit you’ve seen?
One time on New Years there were these NYU frat dudes, and we were chilling under this Christmas tree. One of the frat dude’s was talking shit to our crew, so my friend goes “Say another thing and I’m going to punch you in the fucking face.” They kept talking shit so my homie literally slumped him off rip, first punch. He was stumbling so crazy, and all the frat bros left so quickly out of being scared. My homie is so short too, and he slumped him. I guess the closer to earth you are, the more power you have.

What’s your most notable celebrity encounter?
I met Andre 3000 on Bond St. That shit was so crazy. He was wearing Jordan basketball shorts, a t-shirt on, and had a flat top. He was looking so ill. We took a selfie and I was like “Dude, I’m from Atlanta too.” I’ve met Tommy Wright the 3rd too.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what member of the homies network would you want with you?
Connor Preblick. If you saw this fool you would understand. He’s a survivor for sure.

Alright, last question. Do you still have a lil ego on you?
[laughs] Hell nah.

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    May 23, 2024 5:10 pm

    Lowkey this guy is lowkey.

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    May 24, 2024 8:32 pm

    Real one for leaving Frog when Kyota got dropped. Need Jesse Alba’s explanation why he didn’t fw him

  3. 203 Dude

    June 3, 2024 5:29 pm

    Always thought it was strange Frog dropping Kyota. He seemed like a fit to their skate style. Coles is a good friend

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