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I actually have a lot of respect for street snowboarders. If you thought “activating” a street spot by bringing a metal sign to cover a crack or bondoing over rumble strips was hard work, wait til you hear what it takes to make street spots hittable on a snowboard.

Not only does it require a lot of manpower to shovel pounds of snow to build a drop-in and run up to a spot, but it also takes insane levels of confidence to safely gauge how many feet of run up to give yourself leading up to a multi-kinker 20+ stair rail where you can’t even kick out of if you don’t lock in (there ain’t no such thing as a cross pinch on a snowboard either).

When we saw this video floating around on IG of Tyler Lambert and his friends from Pseudo Corp sessioning the Hollywood High 16 rail on snowboards, all of those thoughts came rushing into my head along with tons of questions, most notably, “How, and why?” After being tipped off by photographer David Milan Kelly, who was there that day, I got in touch with Tyler to ask him what went into making the whole thing happen and to get the full story.


Matt Coughlin
Zach Ahrens
Greg Lane
Noah Genzink

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  1. gheytto bird

    April 28, 2023 1:39 pm

    This is cool cause its in cali.. they made it happen.

    However snowboarding is wack and these guys are lames. The leverage on a snowboard can spring you onto anything. So if the rail was 3x as high, this may be cool. But its not and female skaters rip this rail harder than these hosers. Facts.

    • Suggaa

      April 28, 2023 3:01 pm

      you sound mad dumb for hating get a life

    • Kareem Campbell

      April 28, 2023 5:29 pm

      I swear man, negative ass kooks like you are the worst. They said themselves that the rail wasn’t huge for a snowboard. They just wanted to try something new that hasn’t been done before.

      I love that you call snowboarding wack, and these dudes “lames”, but can’t see that the only true lame in this entire equation is YOU. You are a negative ass pussy, who has nothing better to do than shit on other peoples’ positivity.

      Go fuck yourself!

      • gheytto bird

        April 29, 2023 12:46 am

        Awwwww! Did he get his feelings hurt?

        Naw.. He got titties up under his shirt!

        Strap that on your sore ass you redneck.

    • 1234

      April 29, 2023 2:15 pm

      i feel bad for your mom. you suck. dick.

      • Bring it

        April 29, 2023 5:59 pm

        I know you’re in L.A. homeless and have scabs on your knees from suc… I mean working all night… but it’s clear who is writing these comments.
        No need to be so nasty though… because I live in L.A. and I know where you work.
        Think about how much harder your life would be without any teeth. Mentioning mothers is what pussies who hide behind screens do. You’re about to get murked.

    • Gheytto Bird's New Step Dad

      May 10, 2023 7:13 pm

      Hey Gheytto Bird,

      Your Mom was great last night. We bonded over discussing what a disappointment you are. But still bed wetting at your age? Man, that was a shocker.

      Tell your Mom I’ll be over around 8 tonight, so she better have dinner ready.

      Love Ya!

  2. Mike V

    April 28, 2023 6:49 pm

    They could have done harder tricks for sure. Snowboarding is so much easier than skating. It’s a very spoken rule in snowboarding that you don’t hit skate spots. If you’re gonna hit a tiny down bar that skateboarders do really hard tricks on, you should at least do something gnarlier than a board slide. This rail is tiny as shit to be hitting on a snowboard. That being said this was a cool concept but poorly executed. The playboy carti song completely ruined it for me. Props to them for doing it tho i guess.

    • Fizz

      April 28, 2023 8:58 pm

      What video were you watching? Playboy Carti music? That’s not what I heard. It’s just the video sound

  3. Strap in and Strap on

    April 28, 2023 10:53 pm

    Why did he max out 2 credits cards? Rented U Haul? Stolen pallet. Snowboarders must have bad credit.

  4. Otis

    April 29, 2023 10:53 am

    That guy RULES! Ladies & Gentlemen that is why you do it. Keep on your boards

    • Simon

      April 30, 2023 2:40 am

      I agree. That guy who said he was going to knock the other gentleman’s teeth out really does rule. That truly is why you do it.
      Imagine.. to max out two credit cards on such an act of douche baggery? He should contact greco, because homie sure has a deathwish. It’s a shame the snowboarders girlfriend left him because he had a small penis. I mean, that’s not nice at all! It really chaps my ass.

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