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We often joke at Jenkem HQ that skate companies should be focused after 20 years. Usually, they’re unable to reinvent themselves and excite a new crop of skaters, and while some can do it successfully by relying on nostalgia, some just never even stand a chance.

Enjoi is one of the few brands out there that’s always been consistent and knows who they are. They’ve kept the next generation of skaters interested in the brand and have added some new young talents to the team over the last couple of years. They’re also one of the first legacy brands out there to have a a woman pro. Louie Barletta and co. hit us up about doing this video series so that all of you could get to know some of these newer faces, and prime yourself for the impending new video that we’re sure they’re working on very seriously as I type this.

To wrap up our series, we have Ryan Connors who’s living out in Clairmont, CA in the heart of the Inland Empire. Louie and TM Jeff Davis took the drive out there to drink margaritas, skate Ryan’s local park, and “get bitten by a rattlesnake”.

While you’re here, familiarize yourself with some of enjoi’s legacy by reading this incredibly long oral history on Tiltmode Army, enjoi’s predecessor.

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  1. Budacris

    January 21, 2022 5:05 am

    Seems that all those enjoi ams love their lil smoke! Louie definitely needs a solid weed hook up!!! :D

  2. sluggishruggish

    January 21, 2022 7:12 pm

    You misspelled Claremont

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