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For most of us sitting through a manny part is like a sitting through a vert part: Boring, safe and skippable. That’s why when we were sent Richard’s part in Smile, we were so confused. We watched it multiple times, and every time we found ourselves getting more and more roped into these twirly manny combos.

Beyond his two wheeled abilities, Richard is one of the guys over at Cons who helped put the Jenkem JP Pro shoe together. Although we didn’t communicate with him directly during the process, he was a behind the scenes guy that we didn’t find out about until later.

To get to know him a bit more we sent him the usual array of interrogations in the form of a Q+A below. Peep his part or just leave a comment about how punchable his face is or something. The full “Smile” video comes out tomorrow, so stay tuned and find the full length here shortly.

What filmer did you blackmail to sit though hours of you trying manual tricks for this part?
Oh, dude, I owe them unlimited beers for being patient with me [laughs]. And I have a short temper when filming too so it’s sometimes not the most fun session to be on. But I’ve been filming with my good buddy Sam McCormick for many years so he’s used to it and we work really well together which makes it a good time. As of late, I’ve been filming with my teammate Cam Dumaine who has a tech part in the video as well so he understands how long it’s going to take.

What can you do for a longer period of time: stay in a manual or have sex?
Depends on if I’m having a good day…for either.

There aren’t too many manual parts these days, what made you want to put one out?
I kind of just fell into it really. I’ve always preferred to be a manny guy. My dad is a carpenter so we always had a ton of wood scraps in my backyard so I would always take them and make these crazy setups – ledge to pads and stuff like that. I’m not a huge hucker either so gaps and shit don’t even register on my radar. Most of the time I’ll just try to think of something weird or an interesting way to skate the spot, so then if people aren’t hyped on the clip I’d hope they would at least think it was a unique way to skate the spot.

photo: caleb kaiser

What would you say to someone who calls you a pussy cause you just do mannys?
I’d agree [laughs]. Nah, I think everyone has their type of skating and each takes a different form of discipline or courage, you know? I have nothing but respect for people who can just hop on a rail or jump down a set and the abuse their body takes. At the same time, I’m stressed out because I’ve spent an hour trying to flip into this trick and now I have to worry about trying to flip out of it too. So it’s just such a mental hell when you don’t come close the whole time.

Additionally, I try to do a decent job of eating right and staying healthy, but my body is just very fragile for some reason. I get hurt super easily, unfortunately. If I were to huck, something would go wrong whether it be my ankles, shoulders, or whatever.

What’s the secret to good balance? Is there a cheat code?
Yeah, don’t skate loading docks or gaps or anything else you’re supposed to skate growing up that makes you a well-rounded skateboarder. I pretty much avoided hucking whenever I could so now I kick out on anything bigger than a 3 stair. It’s the positives and negatives.

photo: caleb kaiser

Has anyone called you Manny Man before, like Mega Man?
I haven’t had too much related to mannys but there’s probably an unlimited number of nicknames i’ve heard people try to come up with for my actual name. So the nickname that stuck when I was young and first started to meet people in the city was Sticky. But for Richard Stickney i’ve gone through them all- Dick Stick, Sticky Dicky, Ricky Sticky, there’s dozens and i’ve heard them all haha.

Are you ever nervous that people are going to catch a tail scrape or a wheel tap that you didn’t notice?
Oh, it’s happened and will most likely happen again. People have sent in zoomed-in screenshots of the one frame where there’s a wheel touch and if that makes them sleep better at night then go ahead. I don’t mind [laughs]. Obviously, you want to do the trick correctly, but we still film VX so we have to do capture-through-the-viewfinder thing so you don’t have audio, and it’s usually a little blurry. It’s hard to tell if there’s a tap or not unless you know for sure.

Are all four wheels allowed to touch if you’re doing a shuv or something in the middle of the manny?
In a perfect world, or if you’re patient enough, there shouldn’t be more than 2 wheels in a manny.

photo: caleb kaiser

I didn’t see you skating in the Jenkem Converse you helped design with us. What’s the deal with that? You don’t like the shoes or something?
Damn, shots fired [laughs]. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of a rubber toecap. If it’s my choice I prefer the flick from a suede vamp. It’s pretty cool, I happen to be a size 9 which is the sample size we get everything made in. So if there is ever a new model or material we need to wear test, I get to skate it for a few days. Then, I’m able to make the needed adjustments shortly after. It’s not just me testing them, but it keeps us working at a faster pace because we are able to cut out the middle man, essentially. And I get the first-hand experience from skating the material/upper.

Have you considered becoming a yoga guru like PJ Ladd in your next career?
I heard he can levitate.

I’m trying a little more nowadays, but I can just barely touch my toes. I think I have a long way to go if yoga is going to enter the picture [laughs].

Since you’re from Boston, what’s the one stereotype about people from there that you think is true?
I’ll give a few because they’re all true. Off the top of my head, there are five Dunkin Donuts that I can get to in under five minutes pushing from my apartment. You’re basically ostracized from the community if you don’t follow Boston sports. Most people are assholes but you learn to like it because it saves you a grueling conversation most of the time.


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