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photo: pierre minhondo

photo: pierre minhondo

You thought the #goodpod was dead? Well you thought wrong, buddy! It’s been much too long a wait, but we’re happy to finally bring y’all another episode of The Tim O’Connor Show. And this one’s a bit of a wild card. Tim caught up with legendary filmer / photographer Ian Reid and the beloved Mike Carroll in New York to talk about all the sorts of weird shit these two guys are into.

For those who may not know, Ian is responsible for one of skateboarding’s wildest videos ever: “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape” – think Worldstar Hip Hop mixed with Baker 3 and you’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Now he’s on to shooting strange and kinky photos of masochists and dominatrixes across the world, which seems like a strange path but actually makes perfect sense considering the strong ties between skateboarding and fetishism.

Speaking of, Carroll was in town working on an upcoming collab Girl Skateboards is working on with Ian, and made some time to sit in on the convo to keep the drunkard ramblings of Tim and Ian in check. Just listen for yourself before we ruin any of the good stuff. If you’re an impatient listener, indulge your ADHD and check out the timestamped highlights below.


[3:40] Upcoming collaboration between Ian and Girl Skateboards.
[5:35] Brian Wenning and the pocket pussy.
[7:29] Ian’s video and bridging the gap between black and white people.
[9:14] Mike’s fetishes.
[12:20] Producing Ian Reid’s video.
[16:20] STDs and comparing skating to sex.
[18:20] How Tim got Ian into bondage.
[20:00] Masochism in skating.
[25:40] Hanging at sex clubs vs. the hood.
[28:30] Ian’s weird travels to Syria and Chernobyl.
[36:00] Ian on being a “photo producer.”
[38:30] Effects of bondage on regular sex life.
[42:00] More on Tim introing Ian to bondage.
[45:10] More on Ian x Girl Skateboards.
[47:00] The evolution of shock factor and edginess in skating.
[52:10] The origin of “Cuckolding Carroll.”
[56:30] Ian and the ATL Twins/dealing with photo complaints.
[59:30] Craziest thing Ian has witnessed.

mike carroll, tim o'connor & ian reid after recording this podcast

mike carroll, tim o’connor & ian reid after recording this podcast

mike carroll at the williamsburg monument with one of ian's photo subjects.

mike carroll at the williamsburg monument with one of ian’s photo subjects

mike carroll, ian reid and crew filmingfor the upcoming girl x ian reid board collabo

mike carroll, ian reid and crew filming for the upcoming girl x ian reid board collabo

shot ian got at a human bbq.

human BBQing shot by ian reid

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  1. FCC

    October 14, 2016 9:30 am

    Is that cannibalism in the last photo? Y’all are taking things to a level I really can no longer condone.

  2. Crumboq

    October 14, 2016 10:40 am

    Damn, wonder what Ian did in Syria.

  3. m

    October 14, 2016 11:41 am

    nah it’s just roasting. But i’d like to know the aftermath of that, it must be so damaging for the whole body

  4. m

    October 14, 2016 11:42 am

    malto seems so thrilled to be a part of this

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