You are probably sick of hearing about Jenkem Vol. 1 at this point, and honestly, we’re pretty sick of writing about it. But we just wanted to do one last little shindig to celebrate the book release and reward you for getting off your computers… so we decided to throw a mini contest!

Post up your best tricks while reading any book on Instagram, and we’ll pick 5 of the best submissions to give a bunch of free shit to. Each winner will get: a copy of Vol. 1, a set of pins, some stickers, six pairs of Cons, and a custom hand crafted Jenkem wooden shoe box (slams are also accepted/encouraged!).

Make sure to hashtag #jenkemvol1 and tag @jenkemmag and @converse_cons on Instagram to enter. We’ll be picking the best five submissions by September 6, so grab your dusty copy of Catcher In The Rye and get your tricks in sooner than later.





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