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Whether someone directly told you or you just learned by watching others, most skateboarders know it’s taboo to celebrate your own tricks. Like pushing mongo or snaking, it’s an unwritten rule that has been passed down from generation to generation.

But sometimes after hours of trying a trick and eventually landing it and getting that release, there’s no way to hide your satisfaction. A simple roll away and meek smile won’t do it. It’s going to come out, and it’s going to come out in whatever way it wants.

So while it’s “uncool” to celebrate our successes, we give a nod to all of those that do and aren’t afraid to let it out every once in a while. For those curious or have just forgotten the self-cheering mechanics, we documented some of the most popular types for you to try. We promise we won’t rip on you that hard for it.



Celebratum Bastien Salabanzio

If there was ever a poster boy for self-cheering in skateboarding, it would definitely be Bastien Salabanzi. During his prime, Bastien was one of the world’s best contest skaters, and there’s nothing more he loved to do than gas himself up. He would try insane tricks down huge stair sets barefoot and would pump the crowd up before his tricks, like the Ultimate Warrior (minus the crazy talk).

To most effectively implement “The Ultimate Warrior” into your post-trick celebration ritual, you are going want an energy drink sponsor or at least a bump of coke between tricks. After a couple of lands and the adrenaline is pumping, beating your chest like Tarzan and self cheering should come as easily to you as any casual steroid user.



Celebratum Virilitas

Sometimes, you land a trick so good, that there’s nothing else do to but put on a display of pure manpower by grabbing your dick. We don’t mean whipping it out and shaking it around like a 8 year old at summer camp, but a simple grab or nudge does the trick. Stevie’s tricks in the line may not even be that impressive by today’s standards, but the style and authority he executes them with left him with no other words to say but “suck it.”

If you want to pull off the “Dick Rider” as well as Stevie, don’t whip it out but just give it a little adjustment, like the trick could have been popped even higher if it weren’t for that damn large schlong of yours.



Celebratum Appotus En Vino

Muska took an unorthodox approach for his closing clip in Shorty’s Fulfill the Dream. An ollie over a chain rope and into a rock bank that dumped out into a sandy beach – it was inevitable that he was going to get a face full of sand at the end of this. The trick seems negligible compared to some of the crazier stuff in that classic part, but it didn’t matter. All he knew was that there was a big, cold 40 waiting for him at the end of the road, and he had finally reached it.

If you want to execute a perfect “Chugger” make sure you have a solid crew of friends watching as you potentially wreck yourself just for a clip, and that one of them has a drink of your choice waiting for you at the finish line. Also, make sure the rest of your part is actually good before you start getting wrecked on a Tuesday morning.



Celebratum Soli Deo Gloria

It’s probably safe to say that not too many skaters would consider themselves religious. It’s more likely that most of them would call themselves “spiritual”. That is, of course, until these same dudes are staring death right in the face and just manage a narrow escape.

We’ve all been there. We might not believe in a god ourselves, but after making it through a deathly hill bomb and recovering from speed wobbles, sometimes the only appropriate thing to do is give thanks to God, Allah, Cardiel, Satan or whatever may be above us.



Celebratum Intrepidus Nudus

Ripping your shirt off and running around like a madman is something we see in sports pretty regularly, most often in European or South American soccer. This one is probably one of the jock-ier ways to celebrate your victories, but given the instances we’ve seen it come up in skate videos, you can’t get too mad at this celebration either. Personally, I’ve never had the instinctual reaction to do this, but that’s probably because I’ve never done a Switch FS 360 down Hollywood High like TJ Rogers either…

To best execute the Stripper, wear a shirt that is loose fitted enough, so even when it becomes sweat heavy, you can still take it off in one easy swoop. Bonus points for the “Hogan Rip” or the more Eurotrashy “Party Boy Special.”



Celebratum Aqua Amator

This one is unfortunately restricted by your proximity to any sort of body of water, but it’s always a fan favorite. The more unexpected the plunge is, the better. Nobody figured Blake would hop over that bar and into the ocean so casually at the end of his True Blue part, which makes it that much more respected.

If you wanna get this one right, make sure there’s no hint that you’re about to jump off the edge and into the abyss. That means don’t take your clothes off ahead of time, don’t bring your pair of swim trunks and definitely do not try to impress the judges with mid-jump flourishes.



Celebratum Tabulus Destructus

“The Mic Drop” is one of skateboarding’s most powerful statements, only reserved for the rarest of moments. After this one, that’s it, you’re done. There’s nothing left to do here. Spot shut down, rope it off. This is not to be confused with Tantrum Tabulus Destructus, where the destruction isn’t celebratory – you’re just being a whiney spoiled brat.

To effectively execute “The Mic Drop,” you’re going to have to go big… real big. We’re not just talking about your local 6 stair handrail – this is one reserved for the most gruesome session where mid trick blackout, bruising and long term injuries are inevitable.

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