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We’re back with another episode of The Tim O’Connor Show, and this one’s a special one for not only you guys (the listeners) but for Tim as well. He managed to catch up with one of his best friends, the world’s first midget little person pro skateboarder, Pancho Moler. And no, we aren’t talking about Wee Man.

Pancho moved out to the U.S. with his family from Santiago, Chile, landing in Hawaii for a bit before making the move out to California as a teen. After being part of the World Industries team during the company’s heyday, he left to turn pro for Think, the now defunct Bay Area-based board company. He landed himself a few covers, filmed some amazing video parts, and cemented his place in skateboarding history as a talented pro.

Listen to Pancho and Tim recall some childhood stories from their days out on the East Coast, Pancho’s brief foray in the porn industry, and a bunch of other good shit.


[3:40] Who is Pancho Moler?/Pancho’s story and coming to the US from Chile.
[5:30] Playing baseball and other sports as a kid/Dealing with exclusion.
[8:00] Discovering skateboarding in Hawaii/Moving to California.
[12:05] Relocating to the East Coast at age 17.
[14:45] Dealing with bullying/Firing back.
[19:20] First sponsor/Filming sponsor me tapes.
[21:00] Shooting a Big Brother Magazine cover with Spike Jonze in New York.
[23:50] Switching sponsors from World Industries to Think.
[28:15] Turning pro/Being the first pro little person skater.
[31:00] Entering the adult film industry/Renting out his apartment in LA for scenes.
[36:00] Becoming a legitimate actor and leaving pro skateboarding.
[39:50] Having a regular job working for Monster Energy.
[40:50] Kickstarter for Banana Season movie.


[43:20] Trying Nollie Back Tail on Hubba Hideout?
[45:20] What is the biggest set of stairs you tried?
[47:00] Are there any tricks that don’t work or work easier because of your height?
[49:30] How come you claimed your dad was a chef but he served us a head of lettuce and a bottle of ketchup?/Tim’s stories of Pancho’s dad’s bad cooking.
[51:30] Why did your family home always look like you were on the run?
[53:10] Almost being fed dog food by Pancho’s grandmother

tim's personal photo collage

tim’s personal photo collage

more of tim's personal photo collection

more of tim’s personal photo collection

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  1. maroneSJ

    April 6, 2016 6:59 pm


  2. Eric

    April 7, 2016 6:11 pm

    Great interview Pancho. Loved the Reno days my friend.

  3. Oliver

    April 9, 2016 11:14 am

    i think i remember Pancho doing kickflip nose slides on hubba hideout in some video back in the day,am i right? damn,it was some 20 yrs ago!
    great interview! so excited to see this is really becoming a weekly thing installment.
    congrats again for the show,Tim.
    Pancho,you are a legend! thanks for the interview.
    shout out from Valencia,spain!

  4. Secret agent skin

    April 12, 2016 8:12 am

    Post a new article you lazy fucks

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