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photo: aaron smith

photo: aaron smith

Interviewing Darrell Stanton started off relatively normal, until he asked me for $35,000 to answer one of the questions. That’s when it all started to fall apart.

Since the last Element video, Trio in 2010, there really hasn’t been any footage of Darrell besides a Berrics Off The Grid segment he did in 2011. Having been affiliated with some of the best companies in skateboarding like Real, DC, Plan B and Element, it’s strange when someone of his ability and marketability totally disappears without explanation. During his younger years he seemed unstoppable, becoming known for his legendary Thrasher cover, totally unique trick selection and smooth gumby style.

Wanting to find out what happened to him and investigate the growing rumor list on SLAP, I tracked him down, and he agreed to an email interview. Although Darrell answered a couple of questions, others were one word responses and the rest were outright ignored. These are the ones that got answered before he started asking me for money and the interview getting weird and fizzling out.

What are you doing these days? Are you filming for anything? Do you have any upcoming projects?
I am nourishing and replenishing. I’m also investing and constructing my company.

There were rumors that you were trying to get on DGK. What happened?
I was supporting the homies at DGK as I did with LE and OF on my Off The Grid on The Berrics. DGK had a video coming out and LE was starting so I was supporting the homies while constructing my company. I like supporting those doing good and living their dreams. It’s like a real recognize real thing with me.

Last year in an interview with Chris Nieratko you said that you didn’t see yourself fitting on Life Extension skateboards, when asked if you would ride for them. You said that LE, “wasn’t ready to adopt such a high caliber of skater as myself.” Has your attitude changed since?
That was another magazine typo. Like calling a Cannonball a Tetherball. I said with a new brand like LE, at the time they couldn’t afford my caliber of skating. Nick, Sinner, Tave and everyone over there are still the homies. Nick has lived with me before in his Bootleg days so he already knows what it is (refer to 411VM issue #63, Scott Kane & Darrell Stanton roomies). I have the services that are expensive, as you maybe can tell. I like money, cash and hoes like that class act from Marcy.

This new clip [above] just came out recently – What is HAVTE? Where does the name derive from?
HAVTE. It’s a adjective and it’s the name of my new company. The word derives from the French word Haute and is pronounced the same “ōt.” and has similar meanings. The word has the Roman numeral for five (V) in place of a “U”.

What does the brand name mean to you?
HAVTE.- A disciplined perspective sharply defined and well dressed.

If you could have anyone ride for your new company, who would you pick?
Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye & Adriana Lima.

”I have the services that are expensive, as you maybe can tell. I like money, cash and hoes like that class act from Marcy.”

Who are your sponsors right now?
My sponsors are HAVTE., Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly Griptape & Furnace Skate Shop to name a few.

There is a rumor going around that you used to take a lot of hallucinogens. Did you? How many times have you tripped?
That is false. I don’t and never have.

Some people have also claimed that you suffer from schizophrenia, is this also just a rumor?
I don’t have schizophrenia or any other mental or physical problems.

You claim to have invented the trick the “Tetherball” in 1998. What exactly is the difference between the Tetherball and a Cannonball and do you get mad when people confuse them?
I invented the Tetherball in 2000. It takes a whole lot more then confusing the name of a trick to get me upset. The difference between a Tetherball and a Cannonball is that you gotta Ollie to do a Cannonball and you don’t with a Tetherball.

2011 / photo courtesy of espn skateboarding

2011 / photo courtesy of espn skateboarding

Looking back on it now, do you regret parting ways with Element?
I don’t regret my decision. I did a lot of good there, and we broke cool bread together. I helped those riders and even put some people on in the midst… I do miss going in the office and drinking champagne in the mornings with the homies and doing graphics with Todd Francis, what up Todd. I enjoyed working with everyone over there as well as any other place my skating and favor has taken me! I don’t know if it’s that type of environment anymore though. No pun intended :)

At the end of the day, do you think you will be remembered as a legendary skater like a Guy Mariano or Danny Way?
I really don’t think too much about anything, I just know I will be remembered.

You wrote on your Instagram a couple of weeks ago, that you used to sell a lot of drugs back in 2001 up till 2013. How much money were you making? What were you selling?
Check out my Instagram @darrellstanton to get the answer.

Ok – I’ll get the answer from Instagram so people know what you’re talking about.
$35,000 and it a go. Or you could reference that particular picture on my Instagram?

I’m not sure if I understand – You want me to pay you $35,000 to use your answer from Instagram?
If that’s what you choose. That question got answered.

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