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This isn’t a “professional” skateboard video but that’s exactly why you should watch it. No one took 3 days to film a line or tried a trick 200 times, then got it and kept the footage for 4 years to release it in 2015. This is your video. It encompasses the local shredding, crusty spots, goofy songs, the parties, the crew. It doesn’t have the newest red camera technology, and it isn’t directed and edited by Spike Jonze. It’s edited in a dormroom somewhere between hungover Sundays and procrastinating schoolwork on weekdays, all with a beer and a smelly roommate. So stop playing with yourself, sit back and enjoy.

Q & A with Max Hull

Whats the story behind the title?
About a week before the video premiered, a bunch of us were on our way to a skatepark trying to think of a name for this video. My homie Big Lee was coming up with the most ridiculous titles and somewhere in the mix spaghetti and meatpauls popped up. We thought it was funny and appropriate since Paul had last part. Originally the video was just called video 4. What a stupid title.

Where was this mostly filmed?
For the first time, I think this video has more Philly footage then New York. A few of us also went on a trip down to Virginia over the summer so a decent amount of footage in the video is from that trip.

Was there a concept in terms of filming or edit style?

The best part about making this video is that I didn’t know I was making it until about a month before it premiered. I mean I knew I had all this footage building up, especially from Dylan and Paul, but all my friends in Philly were filming for my homie Kyle’s video, Totally Nector, and I was pretty set on just helping out with that video and waiting until that was finished to start my own project. Some time in November or December, Dylan asked me when I was coming out with a video and until that point I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to do with my footage. I knew I had a good collection of digicam party footage, and I’ve always wanted to make a fun video all tiltmode-like, so I figured this was my chance. My first idea was that I’d make a longer-than-usual montage with all my footage that wasn’t going towards Nector, with a part from Paul too. As I started to gather the footage and put clips together I decided to use footage that I filmed from Totally Nector, because who really cares? After that decision, every time I sat down to edit, I found more footage to use and what started out as a montage quickly turned into a half hour skate video. I was siked that no one really knew what to expect, most people didn’t even know I was making anything, so I had complete control over everything in the editing process.

Why should someone spend 20 minutes and watch Meatpauls?

It’s been a shitty winter, what else are you gunna do? And if its nice out, I guarantee it’ll get you stoked to skate.

Featuring: Christian Degenhardt, Nik Stain, Dylan James, Colin Sussingham, Conor Prunty, Geoff Rowley, Mitchell, Andrew, Johnny Wilson, Mike Haar, Dave Morris, Roland Schulz, Paul Tucci & more

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  1. jay feller

    February 23, 2011 8:15 pm

    love the soundtrack to this. fuckin random

  2. Ollie Kizzle

    March 9, 2011 2:11 pm


    real good video boys, hilarious from start to finish, some dope skutboarding & good vibe. New years bit at the end was jokes.

  3. pete

    March 9, 2011 7:54 pm

    cool flic, soundtrack dope too – any chance of posting a tracklist? would be nice

    • admin

      March 13, 2011 5:28 pm

      Intro – Ukranian Polka Band Playing – Hot N Cold
      The Wilsons – General Levy – Dubplate Dub Medley
      Wilsons Slowmo Section – Blakroc – On The Vista (Instrumental)
      Dave Morris & Haar – Quasimoto – Greenery
      Dylan James – Townes Van Zandt – Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold
      Colin Sussingham & Nonsense – Eduard Hil` – Vocalise Trolololo
      Conor Prunty & Roland Schulz – The Music Machine – Talk Talk
      Homies – Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman
      Montage #2 – Drunk Injuns – For Real
      Paul Tucci – Wu Tang Vs. The Beatles – Slang Editorial
      Credits – The Witch – No Time

    • Mourad

      December 27, 2015 2:58 pm

      Cannot wait for the documentary. I wish they would talk about how they take care of theeselvms for a healthy lifestyle. It is fun to see costume dressing with the big hats and huge sunglasses and the NY monied vintage clothing but it does not fit my lifestyle in any way. So I am not as interested in what they wear but more in their personal stories.

  4. Mikey

    October 5, 2011 9:49 pm

    Sickest video ever. Just plain FUN.

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