Today we’re proud to release Jenkem x S.C.D.D. – a 4 track compilation of high energy music.

If you’ve been following the music portion of Jenkem you know we’ve always had one toe dipped into the electronic music world: Our NTS radio show is ongoing and we’ve released Beginnings and the AceMoMA EP over the last several years.

The label we are collaborating with, Steel City Dance Disks, is born out of Newcastle, Australia and founded by Mallgrab. Last year while he was playing in NYC we ended up meeting and shooting the shit. As fans of his output (and the fact that he’s a Jenkem reader) we brainstormed ways in which we could work together as an excuse to hang out more.

For Jenkem x SCDD each of us tapped two artists for a heavyweight bout across 4 tracks spanning Electro, Techno, Drum and Bass, and main room rave-style rhythms. The sound is a bit heavier than our previous releases, but that’s kind of the point – doing something you wouldn’t normally do solo.

For those who want to listen to it right away you can officially download / stream the full record and for the vinyl heads, we’ll have a small amount of physical records you can pre-order in our store. As always, we’ll be hand-packing every order and throwing in a few goodies as well.

Thanks for being down to explore more worlds then just kickflips with us.


1. LAWRENCE LEE – Getting Mine
2. MARUWA – Mercurial Edge
3. TELESELF – Shepard’s Tone
4. VIERS – Our Lives



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