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photo: anthony acosta

This statement may sound ridiculous, but we wouldn’t print it if we didn’t think it was true: Skateboarding has always been a guide to what’s cool in the world. Since the early days of street skating, each generation of skateboarders has unwittingly educated the tastes and fashions of the next generation. Growing up they were like our collective big brothers and sisters, putting us on to what had some flavor and what sort of sucked.

For this One Sheet, we hit up Daniel Lutheran – a dude who has been known for his doodles and perfect hair for the last decade or so. (A bit surprised he hasn’t been hit up to do one of those annoying Hims ads yet.) Since his break out part in Toy Machine’s Brain Wash we’ve seen Daniel drop an abundance of mind-boggling footage, illustrate a bunch of cool shit, and put New Mexico on the map.

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  1. Parking Blocker

    September 18, 2022 2:32 pm

    Dan Lu is so rad, but can we talk about the artwork for a second? Who drew all of this? Was it Dan? It’s fucking incredible! Incroyable ! 😍🌈

  2. Hassan

    September 20, 2022 8:31 pm

    Good picks.

  3. bigfan

    September 21, 2022 3:58 am

    Best part in Propeller.

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