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Every couple of weeks in New York City a new spot pops off and for the next few days, it’s the only spot you’ll see on Instagram. With everyone being unemployed and scouring the city 24/7, your best bet for an untapped spot is to travel to the far-east, the forbidden zone, known as Long Island.

It might sound like a grueling trip to maybe get a clip, but after being cooped up in the City for months, it might be nice to taste some sweet suburban air. So with the help of Four Wheels Rolling, who have been mapping out spots on Long Island for years, we put together a list of spots that might be worth masking up and taking the horrific LIRR, or putting up with that really annoying dude who only listens to ’90s straight edge music but has a car.

And if all else fails, head to Bunger Skate Shop, Chapman Skateboards, or Sweet Impact Skate Shop. If you bring ’em a dozen bagels they might even show you the secret spots.

**DISCLAIMER: All directions are from Jamacia Station. However, all LIRR train lines leave from Penn Station and most lines stop at Atlantic Terminal, East New York, and Woodside, so you could start your trip from any of those places.**

Roslyn Banks

Obstacles: The main feature is the slanted manny pad that you’ve definitely seen in videos. Some parts of the pad are steeper than others, and some are even bondo’d a bit.

Recently, they added a six-, seven-, and eight-stairs with pretty doable handrails. It’s also a parking lot, so there’s plenty of flat ground and waxed curbs to entertain you while your better friend gets a trick on the pads.

How to get there: Take whichever LIRR train that transfers to the Oyster Bay LIRR line. Take that train four stops to Roslyn. The spot is in the train station parking lot.

Security: Never a bust. Sometimes a car is parked where you want to skate, but there’s plenty of manny pads to go around.

Pro tips: Check out what tricks have been done if you’re looking to film something. This spot has been around a long time, and unless you skate like Nik Stain, no one wants to see your regular-ass mannies.

Nassau Community College

Obstacles: For those trying to get buck, here’s a perfect 10-stair with a handrail and giant hubba. There’s also manny pads, curbs, and ledges throughout the campus.

How to get there: Take the Port Jefferson LIRR line five stops to Westbury. Take the n35 Baldwin via NCC bus six stops to Endo Blvd. and Stewart Ave and look for Building P.

Security: This spot is heavily secured during normal hours. Skate late at night or early in the morning for optimal pleasure.

Pro tips: Walk your board around campus to ease suspicions. If confronted, say you’re a student filming something for a class. That works maybe 15% of the time.

Capital One Gap

Obstacles: A six to seven foot grass gap with perfect run up. The crack before the gap is bondo’d so you should be good if you go fast enough.

How to get there: Take the Port Jefferson or Ronkonkoma LIRR train to Hicksville. Transfer to the n79 bus in the train station parking lot and take it to Woodbury Rd. and Carnegie Ct. It’s a 15-minute skate from there.

Security: Big bust factor on weekday work hours. Totally empty and clear on weekends.

Pro tips: If someone threatens to call the cops, that means you have at least 30 more minutes. No Suffolk County cops are rushing over to kick out skateboarders.

Merrick Ledges

Obstacles: Two very long, well-waxed ledges accompanied by smooth black top. Also a small two to three foot gap toward the end of the ledges.

How to get there: Take the Babylon LIRR train six stops to Merrick. From there it’s a ten-minute skate to Birch School.

Security: This is an elementary school, so skate it at night or on the weekends if school is in session. Over the summer this spot is golden.

Pro tips: Bring wax. It’s usually pretty good for slides and grinds, but the only slippery stuff you can buy around here is for a different kind of “grinding.”

Two Manual Pads

Obstacles: Like the name says, two manual pads with a two-foot drop. One pad is higher to pop onto but shorter in length, and the other pad is shorter to pop onto but longer in length. (Pick your pleasure.)

How to get there: Take the Ronkonkoma LIRR train five stops to Pinelawn. From there, your best bet is to Uber or hitchhike to the spot.

Security: This is strictly a Sunday spot. Monday through Saturday there are people working and security will give you das boot.

Pro tips: Don’t give up on your manny trick. You took two hours to get out here, so you might as well make it worth it.

Lindenhurst Middle School

Obstacles: There’s an eight-stair with a handrail for doing tricks over and copious manny pads if you take a lap around the school. You’ll also see two four-stairs, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

How to get there: Get on the Babylon train line and take that 14 stops (fewer if it’s express) to Lindenhurst. From the train station, it’s a five-minute skate to the school.

Security: Security is tough during the weekdays, but on weekends they’re usually not around. Most of the security guards are cool and will let you get in a couple tricks before they kick you out.

Pro tips: If there is a game being played on the field ,there will be a lot of kids and parents lingering around the eight stair. Don’t be a dick to them because they’re stuck up Long Islanders and will tell the security guards/fight you on spot.


Obstacles: Two seven-stairs with kinked rails and out ledges, a nine-stair with a skateable handrail, bank to ledges, and a bank to cellar door for creative types.

How to get there: Take the Ronkonkoma or Port Jefferson LIRR one stop to Hicksville. From there take the n80 Sunrise Mall bus eight stops to Hazel St and Jeffrey Ln. The spot is a ten-minute skate from there.

Security: Weekdays during business hours are a huge bust. This spot is good for weekends and weeknights.

Pro tips: The ledge to banks can get kind of rocky, so bring a broom or something to sweep the pebbles away with.

Water District Gap

Obstacles: There’s two ledges with a three foot gap in between. Be careful for the sewer cap at the landing.

How to get there: Take the Port Jefferson LIRR line four stops to Carle Place. From there the spot is a two-minute walk.

Security: There is no security, but if anything happens, you’re totally trespassing.

Pro tips: You’ll have to hop a fence to get in, so no bitchassery.

Stony Brook University

Obstacles: There’s a lot to see if you skate around the campus. There’s a three-stair outledge, an eight-stair and eight-stair handrail, manny pads, knee-high ledges, a handicap rail, a curved ledge, and a three-flat-three double set.

How to get there: Take the Port Jefferson LIRR train seven stops to Stony Brook. The campus is a five-minute skate from there.

Security: On the weekdays there’s a 50/50 chance of getting kicked out. During the weekend security is sparse.

Pro tips: If you’re driving, park in the LIRR commuter lot or at the Island Federal Credit Union building for easy access.

Curved Ledge

Obstacles: A simple long ledge. Beautiful.

How to get there: Take the Babylon LIRR train seven stops to Wantagh. The spot is a ten to fifteen-minute skate from the train station.

Security: It’s a public park so there’s never any security, but angsty teens will pee on you if confronted.

Pro tips: Bring (a lotta) wax!

Ledge to Bank

Obstacles: A crusty ledge that goes into a bank. There is a seven-stair with a decent handrail too.

How to get there: Take the Hempstead LIRR train until you’re actually in Hempstead. Then take the n25 bus 31(!) stops to Northern Blvd and Schenck Ave. The bus will drop you off almost directly at the spot.

Security: This is a Sunday spot; no kidding around.

Pro tips: The ledges are perfect for slides but might be too crusty for grinds.

Piccolo Ledge

Obstacles: A ledge with skatepark-like angle iron and perfectly paved run up from one side. There is quick two-stair manny pad after the ledge for you to complete your lines.

How to get there: Take the Babylon LIRR train 6 stops to Bellmore. The spot is a directly across the street behind the restaurant, Piccolo.

Security: Sometimes people from the restaurant will come outside, but they never really kick you out. Be nice to them, please.

Pro tips: Watch out for cars if you’re skating in the street. Some cars come speeding around that corner and might not see you trying to kickflip over the sewer cap in the street.

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  1. Leslie Chow

    June 25, 2021 9:56 am

    There should be Suffolk County spots on here

  2. Jay

    July 5, 2021 11:05 pm

    My friends and I used to skate Stony Brook all the time like 25 years ago. The first time I ever ollied a set was near the cake/pyramid ledges. I remember it being a huge set but it was probably a 4 set. Stony Brook had so many spots. We couldn’t skate most of them but we tried. I remember being chased out a few times lol.

    I also skated one of the parking lots 16 years ago, the morning my daughter was born at Stony Brook Hospital.

  3. Shirley Osborne

    December 11, 2021 11:33 am

    Obstacles: There’s a lot to see if you skate around the campus. There’s a three-stair outledge, an eight-stair and eight-stair handrail, manny pads, knee-high ledges, a handicap rail, a curved ledge, and a three-flat-three double set. Nice post thank you!


    June 7, 2022 11:31 am

    Shoreham wading river high school has a ton of obstacles in one location I know it’s far out east exit 68 north off the lie but it’s worth it… gaps and rails galore.

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