August 24, 2017/ / RANDOM CRAP, VIDEOS/ Comments: 3

If you were wondering if Nyjah was actually telling me how cool my poop was, sadly, he wasn’t. That was just a gimmicky new app that we’ve been procrastinating with at Jenkem HQ, called Holo, where you can put a holographic Nyjah in (literally) the shittiest situation you can think of.

The thing is available for free via the usual app store, and it allows you to use augmented reality (sounds way more hype than it really is) to holographically insert a bunch of characters, celebrities, and animals into your regular mundane photos and videos. The range of holograms is truly bizarre. For example, they have American hero and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin as a character, the llama from a Fall Out Boy music video, and of course Nyjah..

If you ever wanted to have the EDM / skateboard king hang out with you while you jerk off or make him say, “Hell yeah, that was tight” after a mean loaf you just pinched, your dreams have finally been answered. The technology is still super wonky, so sometimes he looks more like a pixelated character from Goldeneye on N64.

I don’t see this nearly useless app being around much longer than a couple more months, but in the meantime, you’re free to play Godmode and put Nyjah in as many uncomfortable situations as you wish. Feel free to hit us with any awkward gems you create at staff [@] jenkemmag.com, and we’ll share them at JenkHQ and post a couple on Instagram for everyone else to check out.

I know a bunch of you are sick fucks, so let’s see what you got!


  1. neckfoot

    August 24, 2017 7:23 pm

    why does nyjah have no neck

  2. cigar cactus

    August 26, 2017 5:33 am

    can’t download on my iphone 5, what a big misfortune

  3. Ya mum's vag

    August 28, 2017 4:36 am

    Hell yeah that was tight

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