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A while back, we set out to measure some of skateboarding’s gnarliest and most iconic spots to see how they compared to eachother. After coming across the idea on the SLAP Messageboards, we reached out to the designer behind the first mock up, David Galletly, to see if he needed any help making the whole thing come to life.

The shitty thing was that David didn’t have access to any accurate measurements for any of these spots, so it was all just a guessing game at first. We figured if we could get some actual metrics, a detailed infographic like this would be of interest to SLAP and fellow skate nerds like us. David gave us his blessing, and we took up the task of reaching out to you guys, getting measurements and compiling it all into one chart.

Thanks to some of our faithful readers across the country world, we were able to come up with real, accurate figures for some spots and create an interactive visualization of them. Check it out above, and see if you’d be betting to take any of these spots on after sizing them up.

Last but not least, if you’re psyched on what we have so far and want to help out, we are still looking for measurements of El Toro, The UC Davis Gap, Rincon and Hollywood High to add to the list. So if you know anyone with some crappy math skills and the urge to help out, please hit us up! staff [at] jenkemmag.com


Wallenberg is one of the oldest, most iconic gaps with a long trick history. And unlike Carlsbad (R.I.P.) it’s still skateable (albeit only if you call Jake Phelps to bring a roll-in). The shit hucked and stuck down this thing is amazing, but when you put it up against some of the bigger gaps in this list, it starts to make sense how so much stuff has gone down here.

Height: 51” / 4.3’
Length: 198” / 16.5’
Notable tricks: Mark Gonzales – Frontside grab, Shane O’Neill – Nollie BS Heel


Since these Spanish blocks of marble have been circumcised to a less impressive 3-block, we had to include MACBA in its original 4-block glory. Back when Barcelona was the staple spot for international footage in a skate video, this was the most recognizable and most destroyed spot. Now it’s so played out we’re waiting for people to start railing tricks up it.

Height: 73” / 6’
Length: 89” / 7.4’
Notable tricks: Bryan Herman – FS Flip, Hardflip, and Nollie Inward Heelflip, Darrell Stanton – Cannonball BS 360

Atlanta 4/5 Block

Watching tricks go down this always gave me that sinking feeling in my stomach, like I would either throw up or crap my pants if I jumped down it. But seeing how long it is too, especially if you go the 10 extra feet past the curb, makes this spot truly insane.

Height: 78” / 6.5’ (including curb: 84” / 7’)
Length: 138” / 11.5’ (including curb: 265.5” / 22’)
Notable tricks: Andrew Reynolds – Switch FS Flip, Full Cab, Kyle Walker – FS 180 to the street

Nashville Legislative

Knuck if you buck / Damn this shit fucked / Eighteen stairs, goddamn good luck”

Height: 103” / 8.5’
Length: 234” / 19.5’
Notable tricks: Nick Merlino – Switch Ollie

Lyon 25

From this point onward everything is technically a “Jaws only” spot. This guy wore fucking knee pads to skate this set. Once you strap on pads, does that even make this a “street” spot anymore? I’m glad it got skate stopped because I don’t even want to see anyone attempt anything else down this. This spot got ollied and Ali got some sense of redemption, so we can all move on now.

Height: 177” / 14.75’
Length: 256” / 21.3’
Notable tricks: Ali Boulala – Ollie to splits, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki – Melon

Jaws Blocks

Back when Neen Williams’ Instagram account was dedicated entirely to butt cheeks, his other favorite lingo seemed to be “blocks”. He would go on skate trips and say things like, “Take us to your blocks,” then proceed to heelflip the shit out of them as part of his quest to reclaim the heelflip from the white man. These blocks in Louisville, KY are the biggest and beefiest to ever be skated. In cheeks terminology, they’re the Kim Kardashian of huge gaps.

Height: 156” / 13’
Length: 330” / 27.5’
Notable tricks: Aaron “Jaws” Homoki – Ollie

Schlager 13-flat-13

This one is neither ABD nor NBD. It’s TBD. God bless Matt Schlager for hucking himself down this absolutely ludicrous set and making it a “spot”. Skateboarding needs more hometown heroes willing to make a name for themselves by slamming. The youth today are too good and don’t fall enough. Please, if there’s an undiscovered 30-stair in your town, jump down it immediately and you might get a shout out.

Height: 166” / 13.5’
Length: 378” / 31.5’
Notable tricks: Matt Schlager – FS Faceplant


  1. Some dude

    July 27, 2017 11:24 am

    Pretty sure Dee Ostrander kickflipped the Legislative set…..

  2. fucker of ants

    July 27, 2017 11:25 am

    jaws doesnt make the last block, he jumps w/ slight angle. Does make the stairs by the lengt of the last block,but doesnt clear it heightwise

  3. Bart

    July 27, 2017 11:30 am

    Where’s El Toro?

  4. Jedd

    July 27, 2017 11:46 am

    Great stuff. Would love to see more! @fucker of ants, I think you mean lengthwise. would be hard for him to knock clear it heightwise… Also, who cares!? Still the biggest thing ever ollied. And @bart, read the intro.

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