June 9, 2017/ / RANDOM CRAP

Hello friends!

Are you sick and tired of staring the same skateboarding content all across the web? Have you been sitting on ideas or a video project but not had the motivation to get off your ass?

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve put out a call for new voices, and with summer right around the corner, it seems like the right time to turn on the bat signal to see what kind of crazy comes running. Hopefully y’all will be able to help us expand our freelance circle and get some more coverage going across the globe (yes, even in your podunk town).

So… do you write good well? Do you have a full-length skate video coming out (but not already out)? Have you had the urge to see if semen makes good griptape? Will your friend light his board on fire and skate naked into a lake? Do you have some weird talent that skateboarders everywhere should know about? Then hit us up!

As usual, compensation includes cold hard cash / digital Paypal dollars, skateboard stuff, and other assorted goods.

Here’s what to include in your e-mail:

– Specific pitches: some sort of info or outline of your idea/s, including a brief summary, whether you’re thinking of it as a video piece or article, any relevant sources / contacts you have, etc.

– Samples of your previous work (links to articles / videos that make sense and show your strong suits).

– Something brief about yourself. Are you based locally (NYC)? Maybe you’ve worked in skating before? Maybe you’re a burner and are emailing us from a cracked iPhone 4 via some McDonald’s wifi?

– Hit us with it at [email protected]

If you aren’t really sure what to write or how to go about it, we’ve attached 2 actual e-mails we’ve received in the past. Treat these as examples of what types of pitches worked well and which kinda just sucked:




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