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Hunting for new music and editing crappy iPhone clips together to that perfect song you discovered is a familiar rush of adrenaline for all of us as skateboarders. The feeling of getting it all just right is so rewarding that at some point, it’s likely many of you have experimented with making music of your own.

Whether you’ve tried to become a bedroom producer tapping out beats on your laptop, started a punk band with your homies, or tried to take your skills to the mic over some free YouTube beats, odds are you’ve (at least jokingly) tried your hands at music in the past already.

Although you probably didn’t “blow up” overnight on Soundcloud, you shouldn’t be turned off from giving that pipe dream a real shot. Experimenting and having fun is exactly how Tommy Guerrero got to where he is today. Aside from being one of the most legendary skateboarders of the 80s and 90s, Tommy has also had his hand in creating some truly amazing records (Soul Food Taqueria being our favorite), and it all began with just trying new things out.

With the help of the DLX crew, we took a visit to Tommy’s home studio in SF and found out how he makes it happen behind the scenes. Check out the video in the player above, and check out the rest of our “Off Duty” series here.




  1. Sahith

    November 10, 2016 12:27 pm

    An Amazing man really a great personality. listened to his music on musicparadisepro

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