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photo: Brian Gaberman

photo: Brian Gaberman

You asked and Tim delivers, Brian Wenning is the guest on this week’s show.

And, as is only fitting when Wenning is involved, this episode is a bit more jenky than the first two – let’s thank beer and a history of drug abuse for that. Try and follow along as Tim gets Brian to talk about getting kicked off of Plan B, stealing Xanax from Antwuan Dixon, and innovating the mid-ledge pop-out.

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And keep sending emails to [email protected] so that Tim doesn’t run out of things to talk about – as if that would ever be a problem for him.

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[1:15] Brian Wenning shits into a condom in public
[8:35] Dizzy Dave’s words of wisdom
[11:48] Why Wenning got kicked off of Plan B
[18:55] Guy Mariano calls Wenning to offer Narcotics Anonymous support
[22:28] Wenning steals Antwan Dixon’s Xanax, gets choked out for it
[24:59] Anthony Pappalardo “dumbs it down for the skateboard crowd”
[27:45] Did drugs or pressure cut Wenning’s career short?
[32:00] Wenning burns off his own tattoo and gives advice to Tyshawn Jones


[35:54] Mike Sinclair: “Why did you pay for your own flight and apartment in Barcelona when everything was paid for on the DC Shoes tab? Also, why did you bring your own personal filmer whose footage at the time was not up to par and pay for him as well to film instead of filming with the DC team?

[37:52] Sinclair sidenote: “This is one of the worst trips I have ever been on, and the amount of money burned on that trip is still insane to me… If you were still on DC would you keep burning money at that same rate?”

[34:48] Sinclair sidenote two: “Why did you decide to sleep with a product line manager at DC, so when you cut her off she took your shoe away?”


Brian Wenning – Photosynthesis (2000)
Guy Mariano – Mouse (1996)

Nosegrind popouts:
Jerry Fowler – 411vm (1998)
Brian Lotti – Now’n’Later (1991)

Anthony Pappalardo – Mosaic (2003) / A Candid Conversation with… (2014)

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  1. Name

    April 24, 2015 7:51 am

    This is kinda sad. It sounds to me like he needs some kind of theraphy. Some exercise,healthy food and a little bit of love/support from his friends or skaters who went trough stuff like this. He just doesn’t sound right.

    • Fim O'Connor

      April 24, 2015 10:40 pm

      Clearly you missed the part where Guy Mariano offered him help already. Fucking Guy Mariano… I almost wish I was a washed up druggy just so a legend like Guy would ask me to hang out with him. If Wenning passes up that opportunity, he’s definitely a fucking moron.

  2. Johan Solo

    April 24, 2015 12:18 pm

    I used to find Tim rather annoying, but compared to Wenning? Holy shit. Wenning needs to find his way out of the 1996 Homie phase he is still somehow in. It’s cool to be a fuck up as a kid. It’s just depressing as an adult. A joke even. I think Tim is a great person to have his own show and I’m quite hyped on this format. As depressing as it was to listen to someone posture the way Wenning does, it was still a good (yet incredibly cringey and sad) interview. I hope Wenning gets it together before it’s too late. Nothing would be more “gangster” then him keeping his “fuck it” attitude, while also getting healthy and showing the world how good he still is. First, drop that attitude. And then drop that weight, Wenning. I don’t know if anyone has told you this – but you’re out of shape, homie. Unfortunately, that is the least of your problems. Please….get it together. Tim? Great fucking job. Keep it coming.

  3. Fim O'Connor

    April 24, 2015 10:36 pm

    I’ve been saying “Tim O’Connor needs a talk show or something” for fuckin’ years. This is brilliant! God damn you to heaven, Tim!

  4. asd

    April 25, 2015 2:49 am

    Sometimes Tim needs to shut up and let the guest talk

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