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Jenkem HQ is based in New York and you know what east coast skaters love to do in the winter: complain. We only do it because it’s true – skateboarding in the winter over here is practically impossible. It becomes even more difficult in expensive crowded cities like NYC because no one has the space and insurance issues are a nightmare. Not to mention that even if you do get something going, you really are just opening your door to dozens of broke skaters trying to mooch off of you or your establishment.

Thankfully this year there’s been a lot more indoor winter activity to keep the skate scene breathing. HUF and Levi’s both invested a nice chunk of change and built an indoor bowl inside of Black Bear Bar where you can go, drink and skate everyday.

To celebrate the opening of the bowl, Levi’s premiered their new documentary, “Skateboarding in Oakland” and organized a kickoff party to get it started properly. Take a shower, log off Pornhub and stop by at some point this winter.


The indoor bowl in all its glory. The bowl is located at Black Bear Bar, and open for skating 8PM – 2AM everyday this winter. You can’t buy drinks while skating it but you can still go, skate, and then grab as many drinks as you want afterwards. Or just show up drunk! Classic move!


Marius Syvanen getting a trick in the bowl before he drank more than you. He’s Finnish, that’s what they do.


Atiba or Ako? Does someone have a solid trick to tell these two apart? Or every time I see them should I just “Yo wassup” them and hope that someone cues me in?


I’m still blown away by this whole chick Carhartt beanie trend across Brooklyn. How did this even happen? At this point it’s so played out it’s almost a parody of itself, kind of like that Dylan Rieder promo video.


Zoo York & Bronze rider Kevin Tierney looking jolly. We interviewed him not too long ago, asking him about being a NYC coolguy and poking fun of his style but he ended up being a really nice human with an inspiring story and turbulent upbringing. We are backing him 100%.


Marius Syvanen, Pat Moran & Josh Matthews representing.


Keith “K-Dub” Williams – this is the guy who helped create Townpark, a skatepark and community in Oakland. The skate community definitely owes this guys a lot. Thinking about asking him to do a Locals feature on him.. he has done so much that should be recognized and showcased for sure.


Josh Matthews and Pat Moran again with lady friends? Or just lady friends for the night? We’ll never know.


Everyone’s favorite local pro, and Nike’s newest rider Bobby Worrest. I don’t know if he was even drinking… If there’s one thing I’ve noticed recently among a lot of professional skateboarders is that they all go though drinking extremes. It’s either blackout for 14 days straight or filming a video part 2 months totally sober. “Moderation” is not a common word among professional skateboarders.


John Reeves and Al Partanen enjoying the ride.


Local heroes right here. Had a good talk with Jake Keenan (middle) who is working on a part right now. He’s been quietly fucking up NYC spots since he moved here. My favorite trick – his quarterpipe flyout to boardslide that still doesn’t make much sense. Hope to see him come up in the near future.


Josh Matthews. Proper.


The bar where it all takes place. Multiple big rooms, surprising number of babes (really) and a bowl that is open till 2AM. This is the shit you’ve been dreaming about since you were 13. Get off Instagram and start reclaiming your life.

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  1. HaroldM

    February 5, 2015 9:12 am

    didnt it useed to be a mini circa2004?

  2. I Plane NY

    February 5, 2015 12:04 pm

    People in New York know how to use tools?

  3. cherboi

    March 6, 2015 3:02 pm

    id rather lurk in a brooklyn party and pretend to be cool

  4. paige63

    February 9, 2017 5:19 pm

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