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If you frequent any skate park at all from time to time, you have probably seen a shitload of kids (and sometimes even adults, as much as it pains me to say) spend all day trying to get their 360 flips to have the infamous “Yo flip” effect to it. But what is a Yo flip you ask?

A Yo flip is a 360 flip with an exaggerated front foot catch. This is usually done by catching the board with your front foot while stretching your back foot out as far back as it can go. Apparently, “the more you get the back foot out, the more buttery it is, dawg.”

I’ve seen skaters go as far as landing the trick with their front foot and riding away for a full one or two seconds before putting their dangling back foot on. Yo flips rarely, if ever, look good, as opposed to a naturally caught 360 flip (For example, please see Kalis footage). They look contrived and unnecessary, and if anything they should be banned from skateboarding. But despite this, the fad continues to thrive in skateboarding today for some odd reason….

1. Felipe Gustavo – One word: Atrocious.

2. Furby – Oh yeah, that looks totally natural.

3. Dylan Rieder – Just look at Dylan in all his handsome glory and wash the pain away.

4. Theotis Beasley – Theo has been called “the nicest kid in skating” by many.
Still, that doesn’t excuse him from this abomination of a Yo flip.

5. Cody Mcentire – So steezed out bro…

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  1. albert

    June 20, 2012 9:17 am

    agreed, this has nothing to do with tyle anymore, it became cruel.
    would be interesting who’s the originator.

    the saddest thing about it are all those dudes who threw out classic tre bombs and moved on to this one.
    theotis has done one of the waviest treflips out of a wheelie in this one (1:49) – and now look at his tres

    by the way, the gustavo one is the worst.

  2. War all the time

    June 20, 2012 10:57 pm

    Any trick where your legs are spread out looks ugly. Don’t spread your legs out. I’ll leave it to everyone’s imaginations to decide what kind of message is sent when someone’s legs are spread out. And don’t tuck them right in. It’s the same basic logic applied to sitting on a fucking chair.

    I agree that everyone shouldn’t be judgmental in skating and life in general, but there are still obvious mainstays of style that people lack. It could be argued that one’s sense of style develops with age, so it’s natural for someone young to appreciate bizarre-looking shit. But still, I think kids can and should phase out that mentality quick. If you see a guy downtown filming rocket-dog ollies, varial flip willy grinds, and yo flips, as opposed to seeing Javier Sarmiento or Travis Stenger film a line in Barcelona, will that get you hyped on skating?

    And yeah, I’d say clothing matters as well. If you see a guy at a skatepark, taking himself seriously, doing tre flip body varials – and wearing those fucked up huge neon Osiris shoes, a pink anime backpack, big cargo shorts, and multiple neon pink and green watches on both his arms (true story) – I honestly doubt anyone would seriously say, “That guy represents what’s cool about skateboarding.” Just learn what looks good, what looks good feels better and makes skating more fun. Popping and catching a trick tight feels way better than a plodding trick with your legs spread. People shouldn’t be robots or douche-kooks. You don’t have be either and can still be yourself and enjoy everything that’s good about skating.

  3. m477

    June 21, 2012 1:08 am

    There is nothing unique, creative or pretty about the yo flip. Everyone is trying to mimmick Stefan Janoski. He has a natural beautiful ‘yo flip’. Key word – natural.

    Advice to the kiddies: don’t contrive your style with over the top body movements, it will progress, develop and change naturally throughout time.

  4. derp

    June 21, 2012 4:24 am

    i’ll agree that most of these “yo flips” kinda suck and look awkward, but theotis has a really nice tre, that video was a bad example i feel. his tre has evolved and looks way nicer than that.

    • albert

      June 24, 2012 12:03 pm

      yo derp, unfortunately reverse.
      theotis had a smooth tre and overexaggerated it lately.
      watch his latest parts, compare it to older ones

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