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Back in 1991, former Big Brother Magazine writer Earl Parker interviewed the most disgusting rock n roll musician of all time, GG Allin. Seventeen year old Earl ran a little skateboard zine called Polyurethane Monthly out of Kansas City, and wrote back and forth with GG who was serving time in prison for assault. The interview was included in an issue of his zine, but with a super limited original print run and being stuck in Missouri, there are only a handful of people that ever got to read it. So here it is, dug out now a damn 20 years later, and available to the world wide web. We present to you the nearly unseen interview with GG Allin, “the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history” live from Adrian Correctional Facility:

How old are you?
It is not how old you are, but the convictions you carry.

Why are you in jail?
Felonious assault with a dangerous weapon.. but what it all comes down to is the fact who I am. Our lame, boring, stagnating robot society fears the rock n’ roll mission of my wars and my realities. The war in the middle east is nothing compared to the war in my head.

Do you have any religious beliefs?
I have fucked the devil himself and am the son of evil- I believe in myself only– I create my own fucking laws and rules- I’m the god of fires in hell… I’ll do whatever it takes to get where I have to be and fuck over anybody I have to that stands in the way. My religion is my mission.

What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?
I don’t fantasize about it… I do it…

Have you had any contact with skateboarders?
I’m not a social person.

Were you really going to kill yourself at a concert?
When I say I’m going to do something, then I’m going to fucking do it… but I ended up coming to fucking prison- but when I get the fuck out of here I will get back to the mission. I want to destroy rock n roll as it now stands and rebuild it in my name. But the final bloody mutilation will take place when I get out and my blood will poison the earth and my dark, burning soul will forever linger wherever the smell of everlasting rape & corpse fucking are felt. But my suicide will be an exciting climax. I look forward to it.

What type of music do you play?
Real life, death defying, dangerous, violent, mother-fucking, rapist, sidewalk walking, gutter law breaking, evil, destructive, bloody, bone breaking, war, terrorist underground rock n roll. I’m here to put the fear back in people’s hearts and to steal R&R from the corporate phonies and sell out conformists- I will never sell out, never conform and never act civilized.

Where did you use to live?
I’m a gypsy mother fucker- I live on the road wherever I’m at. Where ever my mission takes me.

What do you try to accomplish in life?
To do and take whatever the fuck I want at any cost.

How long until everything falls apart?
Until I am released.

Do you drink your own urine?

What are the 3 best LPs you’ve made?
“Eat My Fuck”, “Freaks”, “Faggots Drunks and Junkies”, “Suicide Sessions”- those are my fucking rules that I live by. I created them, they represent who I am.

Do you get a chance to practice your music?
I do not practice- my music is my interior depths- pain is life- torture is art and vis versa- in prison I write it all down and store it in the dark room within myself. When I get out the demons will be unleashed.

What does your act consist of at a concert?
A real war, with real blood and open sexuality- immense tension and self-destruction and an anything goes policy…it’s a therapeutic release for me.

”The war in the middle east is nothing compared to the war in my head.”

Do you like when people put you down and say you’re a scum?
I don’t give a fuck what anybody says or thinks…they know I’m a genius.. their jealous.. they fear me… they don’t have the fucking guts to do what I do so they have to talk shit. Fuck all those useless motherfuckers. I’m the only hope for the future of the underground R&R, because I’m the man to deal with. I’m the terminator.

Do you believe that everybody wants to be like you?
There is a big difference in wanting to do something and actually doing it..nobody is going to fucking be like me, because I don’t fucking just talk about it. I fucking live it and will fucking die for it…I’m it…

What’s your best pickup line?
Be my fucking whore.

Do you like pain?
It’s essential- it builds up endurance and makes you that much more powerful. Comfort and conformity are my worst enemies. I create pain because it is important for me to live in pain. I accelerate in pain.

Do you like jocks?
No… and I don’t like people in general..I’m a one man army.

What are your favorite groups?
The Scumfucs, Cedar Street Sluts, Drug Whores, Murder Junkies, Anti-Seen, etc… but the only band that really matters is the band playing behind me at that time and place.

Closing comments?
No- this interview will speak for itself…

Original 1991 Zine Scans:

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  1. jonas

    November 4, 2011 6:54 am

    That concert clip was intense!

  2. poop smells

    April 2, 2013 2:14 am

    G.G. Allin is a fucking loser. Good riddance. Theres a reason people piss on his grave. He’s a shit eater.

    • gg ass trap

      January 3, 2015 2:52 pm

      Your a fucking winner i suppose …cunt

    • Dczn76

      February 6, 2016 8:15 pm

      Gg all in is my fantasy. Gg the best ever even better then king diamond! My neighbor looks like gg and I would f*** all day if was real gg allin!
      Just thinking of gg covered in sweat and blood and bathing his wounded body like Mary Magdalena washed Jesus is purrfect ;)

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