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I don’t know about y’all, but when someone tells me not to do something I just want to do it more *pauses for agreement*.

I guess that’s just the rebellious skater in me, and it’s probably why I love seeing people skate off-limit, skate-stopped spots. Screw your societal rules. We do what we want. I remember one time my mom told me to stop watching MTV late at night. What did I do? I packed a duffel full of socks and boxers and hit the road because nobody tells me what to do.

Below is a collection of my favorite rebellious, bad-boy clips. Skate-stoppers aren’t a sign to stay away, they are a challenge that urges defiance. What’s that phrase, “When life hands you lemons you peg them at the nearest cop car?” I’m not sure, but enjoy these out-of-the-box, skate-stopped tricks.

Max Palmer – Call me 917

While I considered naming this list “An Ode to Max Palmer,” “Max Notice Me,” or “Daddy Max Provides,” I thought I’d keep my fanboying a little more at bay.

We all know Max comes through every couple of months with an outta the box, big-brained trick that makes all other skating look dull, but did you know he also donates millions of dollars every year to ending childhood hunger? Yeah, so next time you see him, buy the man a slice, and while you’re at it check the sign on the ceiling that says gullible.

Kyle Leeper – God Save the Label

Every week I spend at Jenkem I find myself watching some archaic video that was released while I was in elementary school. This is a perfect example, because before watching this Black Label video I only knew Kyle Leeper from his Skate Nerds episode with Lee Dupont on Transworld.

That being said, I can’t decide whether this is a heinous, glorified tic-tac, or something really cool, but given what I said above, I don’t think it’s for me to answer. If you, like me, were born a few months before Y2K, do yourself a favor and check this video part out, and then go on a true deep dive and watch Label Kills. You won’t regret it.

Aaron Herrington – Static IV

Quick-footed skaters like Aaron often make me think of sleight-of-hand magicians, but luckily for our rabbit-footed friends, they don’t have to wear a cape or busk for money after showing off their skills.

Before moving to New York, I would watch city clips in awe of the chaotic spots and creativity each skater demonstrates. Aaron is far and away one of my favorites from this category, and while I would love to see him take on a Criss Angel, Mindfreak akin stunt I’m ok settling for more rugged NYC skating.

Chris Milic – Dr. Scarecrow

Dammit if this isn’t a fun one. The way he bumps the other ledge to start rolling backwards. The gymnastics-esque balance. The bebop sci-fi music playing as if Chris is from another world. My vote’s in: Milic for Mayor.

Note: The full length GIF of this trick would have eaten through your entire month’s worth of cell data, so we cut it down. For the unedited experience, check the full clip out here.

Ethan Loy – “Pro Debut”

I often can’t help but chuckle when I see Ethan Loy. It’s not because of his ability on a board or his personality either. It’s simply because he looks like his brother David Loy if he got lost at an EDM festival for six months and had a Castaway level breakdown.

I’m happy to see raving hasn’t corrupted the entire Loy household, and taking on the same capped hubba Heath Kirchart skated in 411 #33 is a good sign the brain hasn’t been corrupted by Diplo yet.

Trevor Thompson – Street Fighters 2

Hippy jumps. Are they illegal? Maybe. Are they cool? Sometimes. Will I watch Trevor Thompson do a backside 50 hippy jump to balanced backside nosegrind over and over? Yes, yes I will.

I once had a conversation with a city planner who informed me that those lovely little “armrests” that us skateboarders see as skate stoppers are actually installed by the government so the homeless population can’t comfortably sleep on benches. This has nothing to do with the clip, but it’s a great fact to bring up at your next outing with an obnoxious pro-government friend.

Mark Suciu – “Verso”

Four years ago we followed Mark around Manhattan for a day, and between Mark telling us he’s read eighty books that year he dropped the infamous quote “Back 5-0 back 180’s just not a good trick, man.”

It’s a hefty statement, one that I know plenty of 12-year-olds just learning back 5-0s will lament, but it’s Suciu. He’s got a degree or something. We have to trust him, right?

Ed Templeton – Welcome to Hell

I wish I could claim this to be the first skate-stopped boardslide ever, but if I know anything about Jenkem readers, someone would find an earlier example and crucify me for being too young and making such a flippant comment.

Maybe I can call it the earliest filmed, most memorable, skate stopped boardslide. Who knows? I WILL call it my favorite skate-stopped boardslide, and if you disagree my PO box is 2565 FL-16, St. Augustine, FL 32092. I’d love to be educated in the form of some hate mail.

Tom Karangelov – Enter the Museum

I always find it interesting who the general skate population deems cool, specifically skaters with unique style. Tom Karangelov is an example of someone who pulls off the tight-rope walk of unique skateboarding and widespread acceptance. Thanks to this, he has gifted us countless gems over the years.

Fun fact: I tossed this clip in right after Ed’s because Ed actually skated the same ledge in Welcome to Hell before it was capped. Full circle skate stopper moment? Yeah, pretty damn kismet.

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    How many clicks to delete each comment? Like 3?
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