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Up until a few days ago, NYC was at risk of losing one of it’s most iconic skate hangouts ever, the TF at Tompkins Square Park. The city was planning to replace the beloved asphalt baseball diamond with astroturf fields, most likely to be used for league sports catering to NYC’s growing yuppy inhabitants.

An online petition opposing the change was started by Adam Zhu and it racked up nearly 33,000 signatures. The city was slow in offering any response, so after several weeks Adam organized a rally so skaters could be seen and heard.

Coincidentally, the night before it was supposed to take place, the city announced they would not be installing any astroturf at Tompkins after all.

It was a victory for those who fought to prevent the change, and in light of the positive news, the rally became a celebration. Our friend and photographer Sophie Day was on the scene and captured the spirit of the day and the young faces who will be able to continue calling Tompkins and TF a second home.

Here’s what Sophie had to say:

“As soon as I could see TF from down the street I couldn’t stop smiling. Seeing so many people there gathering to celebrate having saved such an important community space, I could tell that the feeling of joy was shared amongst everyone. It is so special that a planned protest could turn into a celebration overnight. Everyone’s willingness to organize and act caused real change. Seeing the younger kids in the park was a beautiful reminder of why Tompkins is so important. Generations to come can continue to use the space the way it has been used and loved for decades. I hope this experience can leave us all with a longstanding sense of gratitude for Tompkins.”

Eric Reinertson flashing the goods.

NYC artist Manon Macaseat, Fanny Cohen, and Ozzy.

King aka @tompkinskids who celebrated Chinese New Year with us.

Diego Donival and Isaac White soaking in the final days of summer with a victory.

Veronica, Annabel, and Sasha.

Emilio Cuilan, founder and creator of Hardbody and filmer and editor of Dany.

Homies Network affiliates Diego, Mark, Chris, and Quinn.

If it wasn’t for Adam Zhu this may not have happened and everyone would just be complaining with their friends over beers. His organizing made this all possible.


  1. sum yung guy

    September 16, 2019 5:58 pm

    Talk about it over root beers

  2. vanessa

    September 23, 2019 12:35 am

    Beautiful photos! I love this park

  3. Dont Do It, The Guy Behind It Hates You

    July 28, 2021 6:00 pm

    Its always shocking to see someone who is not a total white-trash/neo-nazi fucker using any burzum related thing.

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