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There are few skaters alive today that are as influential to today’s skate aesthetic than Ed Templeton. High-water Dickies and flannels? Yeah, you can thank Ed for that. Stylish impossibles? That was Ed, too. And I’m willing to bet that at least three people reading this right now have Ed’s art to thank for one of their transistor sect tattoos. But back in 1996, Ed wasn’t quite the legend that he is today, but he was well on his way there. Only 24 years old and already with a handful of hammer-heavy parts under his belt, Ed’s “Welcome to Hell” part solidified him into the annals of who matters in this little culture of ours.

For our Welcome to Hell Week, Ian called up Ed to talk to him about the tour days, his sex life, and if he ever misses being skinny. And Ed, being both the good-natured gentleman that he is, didn’t hold back on enlightening us with stories from back in the heady days of yore. Listen to the full, unedited call below, or if you’re too ADHD to sit through that whole thing, check out the timestamped highlights below to jump to a section of your choosing. We’ve got two more of these coming in the next couple days, so come back to us if you like what you are hearing.


2:35 – “Is it true you’ve never used deoderant?”
6:08 – Deets on Ed’s sex life
7:07 – “What’s up with the political intro to ‘Welcome to Hell’?”
10:01 – Ed on Jamie Thomas’ directorial motivation.
12:32 – “Whose idea was the title?”
13:51 – The pressure of filming throughout the years.
19:00 – “How many copies of ‘Welcome to Hell’ did you guys sell?”
20:23 – The very first premiere of ‘Welcome to Hell’ and Muska getting kicked off Toy.
26:50 – Weird shit that Ed has signed.
28:17 – “Do you miss being that skinny?”
31:40 – “When’s the last time you watched ‘Welcome to Hell’ start to finish?”
34:33 – Hide-a-dooks and other Toy tour motel shenanigans.
38:43 – “How did the Zero commercial wind up in ‘Welcome to Hell’?”
43:30 – Toy Machine and the state of hardgood companies today.
47:10 – “How would you guys jerk off on tour?”
49:50 – “How do demos compare from the mid-90s to today?”
52:00 – “Whose idea was it to put flowers before the slam section?”

photo: josh stewart

photo: josh stewart

photo courtesy of donny barley

original premiere flyer courtesy of donny barley



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    T H A N K Y O U I A N ! ! !

    Keep these interviews coming pleeease!

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    the crystal is called alun stone, it’s pretty common. It’s just basically the active principle of a deodorant into a stone

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