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If you’ve ever gotten the chance to go to a skate demo as a kid you know there’s really nothing better than getting to watch your favorite pros skate in person. The demo can be an eye-opening event, showing you that your idols are human but also way fucking better at skating than you even thought they were. This has been the case pretty much forever. Ask any skater from any era about the first skate demo they saw and watch their eyes glaze over as they wax nostalgic about the tiniest little details of the memory. It’s amazing how impactful that experience can be, and the few minutes or seconds you spend interacting with the skaters can color your view of them for the rest of your life.

Most demos leave behind memories. But what’s cool about this adidas “Bring Your Build” tour that’s going on is that these demos also leave behind skateable obstacles. Adidas gave money to 5 New York skateboarding mainstays: Max Fish, Supreme, KCDC, NJ Skateshop, Labor and NY Skateboarding, to build and bring whatever skateable obstacles they wanted to Tompkins Square Park, a famous slab of cracked concrete in Manhattan’s East Village. What went down felt like an homage to simpler skate times – a big pop-up jam with some of the best skateboarders in the world and NY’s most colorful random park lurkers.

Skaters in order of appearance:

Mark Gonzales
Lem Villemin
Silas Baxter-Neal
Mark Suciu
Sean Pablo
Pete Eldridge
Jake Donnelly
Nora Vasconcellos
Marc Johnson
Black Dave
Tyshawn Jones




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  1. MCS

    September 29, 2016 4:10 am

    That Adidas ‘shoe box’ is sick.

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