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If you are like us, you know that Forrest Edwards is the best thing to happen to skateboarding in a while.

Infamous for his stint on SLAP’s 2010 One In a Million reality show contest, for dropping “not that gay” hammers while “not really trying,” and for his legendary answers on the Weekend Buzz show, he was recently invited to Street League to win the big bucks.

Problem is, that he’s a broke-ass dude whose flow sponsors won’t pony up enough dough to fly him to the Pro Open event in Barcelona.

Yes, yes, Street League is hyper-commercialized and makes you want to focus your board while puking Monsterâ„¢-green vomit all over your computer, we get it, and that’s exactly why we should get Forrest out there, so he can show them what’s what. He’s the hero Street League needs, not the one it deserves, our dark knight.

Help support our beloved anti-hero, a guy with little chance to be successful outside of skateboarding, survive for just a little bit longer and have a shot at winning the contest and making Nyjah cry.

We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help make this happen:


We’re trying to get just enough money to fly Forrest out there, but tickets aren’t cheap. We’re putting up some cash, his sponsors are throwing in a little, and the rest is up to the Forrest fans, so let’s make it happen! Donate $10 or more and get a little somethin-somethin special for yourself too!

UPDATE: We heard that when someone told Forrest Edwards we were starting this campaign to get him to Barcelona that his only response was, “Oh, that’ll probably make them look pretty cool, huh?”

UPDATE 2: FUNDS RAISED!!! We’ll be seeing him out there!!



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    May 5, 2015 6:06 pm


  2. Matt Meyer

    May 5, 2015 8:19 pm

    Forrest deserves no attention by any sort of media outlet. Yes, he is an extremely talented skateboarder. Howeve, he acts like a dickhead and that is clearly apparent in not just one, but every interview he has been a part of. You can’t be an asshole spewing narcissistic bullshit with some homophobia peppered in AND plan on getting sweet gigs such as the said contest (that he would probably crush). Maybe I’m getting old but whatever pretween parent hating children worship this guy and hate their mom and dad, or moms, or dads (take note Forrest), don’t hold any real weight anyways because they can’t support Forrest. Not only can they not support Forrest because he doesn’t have a board, but because his following seems to be primarily comprised of children who can not afford a skateboard on their own. I hope the best for Forrest and furthuring his career in skateboarding but unless that shitty attitude changes, he doesn’t deserve what thousands of others kids from all over the world would love and not neglect.

  3. Coop

    May 5, 2015 10:25 pm

    Dude’s the worst.

  4. skeptical

    May 5, 2015 10:33 pm

    does he have a passport? please confirm.

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